Welcome to Mario Making Mods. We are a community dedicated to bringing you a home for the hacking of Super Mario Maker (Wii U and 3DS). Our community is a place for everyone to post their projects, get help and support, and find tutorials. Join us to share your very own creations, or feel free to just browse the site and check out some of the awesome projects and tutorials found here.


At the MMM Wiki, you'll find lots of up-to-date information about all the technical parts of SMM. You can submit your own findings there, too!


Of course, you can't hack without knowing what to do. We have hacking support for hacking both versions (3DS & WiiU) of Super Mario Maker. Just follow our noob-friendly guide.


You also can't hack SMM without the proper equipment. Check the "Help" forum to find the programs you'll need to get started. Then browse this site for SMM packs you can use to run your custom content.


We have 3 methods of communicating with the members. You can use the forums, which all you have to do is register. You can use IRC, to say short, non-important things. You'll need to join #mariomakingmods on irc.42net.org (or use the webchat). It'll be mainly moderated by JeDaYoshi. You can also use Discord. Just keep in mind that whatever text you send on IRC can be seen on Discord, and vice versa.
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IRC channel!
Posted on 05-20-17, 05:10 pm by  JeDaYoshi
As nobody had announced about I, I guess little old I will need to.

Well, yeah, an IRC channel has been added to Mario Making Mods in 42Net Network. You can join to it via the web chat (look up at IRC or click on that) or join with your favorite client at #MarioMakingMods @ 42Net (irc.42net.org).

I strongly recommend you to use:
- HexChat on Windows / Mac OS X (?) / Linux
- XChat Azure on Mac OS X (recommended by RoseyDreamy, look here)
- AndChat on Android
- Mutter on iOS
- The official 42Net Webchat or KiwiIRC to connect via browser
- IRCCloud if you wanna connect via browser/mobile and save the logs

I mainly moderate the channel, aside  NightYoshi370 and  zachabossaloler.

There are two bots:
- MaryO, providing IRC reporting and some toys.
- Bricked3DS, providing relay IRC <-> Discord.

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New host
Posted on 05-19-17, 10:08 pm by  NightYoshi370
So as you might have seen, the server has been in a 500 error mode. That's because we used a free host and that gave some issues.

Now, though, we are successfully running on a host on  JeDaYoshi's server. Thanks to him.

Also, stay tuned for a new intergration of the board, Discord and IRC...

EDIT by  JeDaYoshi: Actually we already added Discord and IRC, either the relay between the both!
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We exist!
Posted on 05-18-17, 04:38 pm by Wayro
The board exists! Who knows for how long? But it exists and hopefully we can showcase some cool things together.
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