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MMM now has a youtube page — Posted by  NightYoshi370 on 08-14-17, 09:35 pm
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Shiny New Things!
8 78 08-21-17, 07:27 pm
by  NightYoshi370 »


You should already know what an announcement is. Click here to find them.
5 41 08-21-17, 07:18 pm
by  NightYoshi370 »

General Chat

Talking related to general/off-topic things takes place here.
9 428 08-22-17, 01:02 pm
by  MoonlightCapital »

Mario Making Mods Talk

Here is where we can talk about the forum, make suggestions, etc.
13 202 08-21-17, 07:19 pm
by  NightYoshi370 »
  Super Mario Maker!
(Wii U and 3DS)
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Super Mario Maker Projects

Made a graphics or similar pack for Super Mario Maker? Show it on here!
2 2 07-04-17, 02:46 pm
by  NightYoshi370 »

Request a project!

Made a tileset but don't know how to import it? Or you want someone to create a new project? Ask it here, and someone might do it for you!
4 22 08-16-17, 11:34 pm
by Epic_stuff »

Theme Showcase

If you have a custom theme you want to show off, well, do it here.
19 115 08-22-17, 06:10 pm
by  Hüseyin the Mighty »

Custom Character Showcase

Replace limited Amiibo costumes with full fledge custom characters.
1 6 08-18-17, 05:11 pm
by  TheMaker »

Level showcase

What have you made without hacks? Don't beg for stars, though.
21 64 08-22-17, 01:30 pm
by  TheMaker »

Super Mario Maker Info

Learn how to do stuff from the Super Mario Maker community or assist others! (Keep notice that this forum isn't just hacking information, as it will also contain neat tricks you can do in SMM)
15 55 08-20-17, 03:32 pm
by  NightYoshi370 »
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Custom Levels

Have you made a level that you want to show off? Well, now's your chance
2 9 08-22-17, 02:56 am
by  NightYoshi370 »

Custom Characters

Well, Super Mario Remaker allows suport for custom characters, so, there's that.
3 3 08-22-17, 02:59 am
by  NightYoshi370 »

Custom themes

Well, maybe modifying how the whole level looks can fit, as it is much easier to do it in SMRM than in SMM.
1 5 08-18-17, 06:20 pm
by  NightYoshi370 »

Super Mario Remaker Info!

Well, if you need any help with SMReM, come here.
2 2 08-19-17, 04:51 pm
by  TheMaker »
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General Hacking

Basically for other ROM hacks and such.
11 99 08-20-17, 08:25 pm
by  TheMaker »


This is a section for NSMBW hacking. For a better hacking, I would recommend joining Horizon
19 146 08-16-17, 08:55 pm
by  Stella »


A place for all the tools made to help modding.
9 37 08-13-17, 09:46 am
by  Stella »
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The Hall of Fame

The threads that shall be remembered, in our hearts.
5 101 07-19-17, 04:06 pm
by  NightYoshi370 »

Forgotten Depths

Nobody uses the SMB3 Underwater Theme. Don't look in here, either.
22 126 08-16-17, 03:19 am
by  NightYoshi370 »