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apparently I start drama
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06-20-17, 04:28 pm
Ahh, K. BTW, I'm going to ask Jamie if he still uses
06-20-17, 04:33 pm
Agree. And BTW, I asked Jamie, and she said that she could try.
06-20-17, 05:26 pm
No. That's cause huge drama that I want to avoid.
06-20-17, 06:48 pm
/me sighs.
06-20-17, 08:25 pm
06-20-17, 08:54 pm
06-21-17, 06:05 am
I destroyed Zach's site if you don't know
06-22-17, 07:40 pm
Well, I didn't say "OH! IT WAS THENINJA". That was ST65. I was just reporting that it isn't his account. and it was an imposter.
06-22-17, 08:15 pm
Piuma is ST65 lol
06-22-17, 08:27 pm
IK that you were on the server.
06-22-17, 08:29 pm
He isn't a retard. Stop causing drama.
06-22-17, 08:31 pm
Okay, stop doing offsite drama.
06-23-17, 05:20 pm
canyou stop being so dramatic, we don't need your bullshit on here, thank you.
06-23-17, 05:46 pm
08-14-17, 09:13 pm
Go to discord please
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Red Paragoomba
Banned permanently: Continuous drama, and reregistering.

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This is a sample post. You probably already know what this is for.

Posted by Goomba
Posted by Mario
Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
while(true){ printf("Hello World!"); }