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As nobody had announced about I, I guess little old I will need to.

Well, yeah, an IRC channel has been added to Mario Making Mods in 42Net Network. You can join to it via the web chat (look up at IRC or click on that) or join with your favorite client at #MarioMakingMods @ 42Net (

I strongly recommend you to use:
- HexChat on Windows / Mac OS X (?) / Linux
- XChat Azure on Mac OS X (recommended by RoseyDreamy, look here)
- AndChat on Android
- Mutter on iOS
- The official 42Net Webchat or KiwiIRC to connect via browser
- IRCCloud if you wanna connect via browser/mobile and save the logs

I mainly moderate the channel, aside  NightYoshi370 and  zachabossaloler.

There are two bots:
- MaryO, providing IRC reporting and some toys.
- Bricked3DS, providing relay IRC <-> Discord.

~ JeDaYoshi aka. snsǝظ
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HexChat doesn't have MacOS binaries that are actively maintained: I recommend XChat Azure for Mac.

That said, since I have a registered nick on the 42Net network, I will be sometimes participating on the IRC there too.
Hmm... what could I put here?