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Super Mario Odyssey's Luncheon Kingdom is now in Super Mario Maker!

You know how I've been posting new mods? Yeah, good. Expect more.
The colorful Kingdom we're all excited to play is coming at the end of October,
so I guess this is the closest thing that we have to the real thing?
The game's beautiful purple pink mountains can be find here, with
the sunset you should expect by now!
Tater-Tot Tunes is back too, with music based on the Luncheon Kingdom!

Tater-Tot Tunes:


Full Credits:
Buntendo - Tileset & Background
GRAnimated - Imported Background
Tater-Tot Tunes - Background Music
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Two Super Mario Odyssey Themes in one week! The community is doing an outstanding job!
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Well, actually three, but that's on another website.

Also, Fossil Falls is coming soon!
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wow, that looks great!