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We have all sorts of crazy mods for Super Mario Maker, ranging from Super Mario Odyssey in 8-bit style, to the new 32-bit series of custom themes. Whatever you are interested in, you might find it in our Depot. Over at the Depot, we have download links to some of the best mods out there for Super Mario Maker & a great tutorial for newcomers. It is connected with the forum, so you can check out both if you'd wish.


At the Mario Making Mods Wiki, you'll find lots of up-to-date information about all the technical parts of Super Mario Maker. You can submit your own findings there, too!

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Come take a look at our Discord Server! It's a great central for quick and general discussions.
At the Discord server, we have many active members from our forums, who love to help people!
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What's up? - May 17th 2018
Posted on 05-17-18, 06:57 am by  NightYoshi370
Hello guys! Welcome to this month's issue of "What's up", a series where we review what's been rolling with Mario Making Mods and Super Mario Maker Hacking!!!

Mario Making Mods News

  • Today is our 1 year anniversary!!! I'd like to thank you all for helping us become what we've become today. However, I'd like to give a few shoutouts to some people.
    •  zachabossaloler for being the one and only co-founder of our community.
    • Aileen Lumina, for buying us this awesome domain for us to use
    • GRAnimated for being a great moderator and helping us sort out some stuff regarding organization.
    •  Hüseyin the Mighty for being an amazing administrator of this amazing community
    • TheNawab for being the head of the youtube channel
    • Marrok (who doesn't have an account here) for paying for our VPS
    • Finally, I'd like to thank all of you guys here on both the forum and discord, for just being awesome and active.
  • We now have full & HTTPS support. What this means:
    • Discord will now have Rich Embeds for links of the board.
    • Security will be much higher.
    • MaryO, our fine Github bot, will now actually work
  • There will be a new Youtube video posted by TheNawab for our 1 year celebration
  • The new Mario Emoji's are here, and they're better than ever. . A full list of emoji's will be in the FAQ soonTM

Super Mario Maker NewsLetter

  • A new update has been made for the Super Mario All Stars mod by Louiskovski. Mini-level previews now work with the new backgrounds and now show the background replacements.
  • The Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins mod has also gotten an update. There are New Backgrounds, New and improved Sprites, New Soundeffects, New and improved Editing Music, Working Fanfare Music and more
  • Yet another Grassland theme has been made. Greener Grassier Ground
  • A new mod has been released, which replaces SMB1 enemies and characters with Twitter artists.


1. What is attractive but has no charm?
2. Feed me and I will live. Give me a drink and I will die. What am I?
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What's up? April 22nd 2018
Posted on 04-23-18, 06:06 am by  NightYoshi370
Hello everyone, and welcome to this month's review of Mario Making Mods and Super Mario Maker in general. Today we've got huge news for Super Mario Hackers which will get you by surprise. Lets dive right in.

Mario Making Mods

-MakerBoard is still in the w~ Not this time, uh uh. This time, we're actually going to be listing the changes that we'll be doing to our website in depth, so check out that thread when it comes out. But just to let you know a quick summary:

~We have a new modern layout, which replaces the default layout, the profiles and the postbox.
~If you haven't noticed, you can now use the globally accepted MarkDown, powered by ParseDown.

- Due to a wide poll made on our Discord server, we have decided to remove Super Mario ReMaker. The threads were moved to the "General Game Mods" section, and the discord channel is archived for about a week.
- All themes that weren't mario styled were removed. More themes to come soon. We'll make some Mario-styled as well.
- We have made a new meme website for our community. You can also pretend that we are in a town and we live all together. We can also play some forum games on it.

Super Mario Maker Hacking

- With the help of comex, we have now gotten new vertical levels.
- Shoutout to Kuriimu for just generally being a great tool for Super Mario Maker hacking. It was made by IcySon55.
- For Super Mario Maker 3DS hacks, we recommend you do not use ctpktool made by dnasdw, due to illegal usage of the SDK. If you want to import/extract CTPK, we recommend you use Kukkii or CTPKTool by polaris.
- A new theme by  princessOtomo: wiiusmb1 All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.
- A new phantom ruby princess impersonator by  princessOtomo: wiiu Princess Peach Maker (cause lets be real: Who thinks that Princess Toadstool can be the one to save the day?)
- A has been made by : Nothing Mod! 0.1 (Wii U) (Release)
- An Great mod has been made by Unsavory Maggot: themesmb1wii u W.I.P. Great Giana Maker
- We need to go under and beyond with the new theme of an old spin. Check out  zachabossaloler's SMB2 Underground theme theme


What can you catch but you can't throw? (already found out)
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What's up? March 25th, 2018
Posted on 03-26-18, 06:04 am by  NightYoshi370
Hello everyone! What's up y'all? Today, we have some exciting and amazing new news.

Mario Making Mods
-A new discussion is on the Horizon: New Super Mario All Stars HD has recently been released by cad111. I've taken a review of the game. So far, so good! Looking foward to more ROM hacks to review.
-MakerBoard is still very close to developement....I just can't stop adding new improvements to it. If you want to see for yourself what I have planned, check out our Github Page
-I've now added a new Youtube Page, with all our latest videos.
-Because of his amazing work, Epic_Stuff will be promoted to moderator on March 30th.

Super Mario Maker Hacking News
- A new Mario Maker Vanilla Revamped demo has been released.
- Yoshi called! He is now playable in SMB3.
- The Poky Pokeys are now in SMB3. Better not get bruised.
- Want an easy way to unlock all the mystery mushrooms but still do actual work? You can now enjoy 100 Mario Challenge: Easy Mode!
- In Super Mario World, a fiery volcano erupts. Try to stop the lava from spreading to the main land.
- Speaking of Super Mario World, the Chinese pirated version has just been brought back to Mario Maker.

1. I come once in a minute, twice in a moment but never in one thousand years. What am I?

2. How many times did I say "Speaking of" in the following thread: New Super Mario All Stars HD: My criticism
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What's up? - Febuary 14th, 2018
Posted on 02-15-18, 04:34 am by  NightYoshi370
Hello everyone, and welcome to our very new installment of the "What's up?" news series, where we cover all the latest news from Super Mario Maker hacking, to our very own community updates. Since today is the end of Valentines day, why not share your last moments of hanging out with your friend, and read what's up!

Mario Making Mods News

-MakerBoard is growing stronger than ever, with all the new Depot changes, up to the new RPG stats. But there are still alot more things that need to be implemented. If you are interested in helping out, why not check our github repo?
-Mario Making Mods has been running for 9 months. I couldn't have done this without your help. Thank you all.
-We have gotten a new logo made by Buntendo. If it doesn't appear for you, press CTRL + F5 if you are using a Windows PC.
-The most votes have been released.
-We have removed our patreon. Now, everything should be released for free, without some silly payment method.
-We have ran our first Super Mario Maker hax Kahoot game. More events to come in the future.

Super Mario Maker Haxs

-Time to ramp up the engine, as Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped has gotten a January 2018 beta release.
-a new SMB3 All-Stars mod has been released by Otomo.
-A new SMB1 All-Stars mod has been released by Louiskovski.
-A new Rainbow mod has been released by Smalllevy.
-A new SMW mod, based off of Piranha island, has been released.
-Gotta get those shiny new coins, with the new Coin mod by  tee.

...and many more to be found in our depot, now with more organization


A bus driver and a doctor both like a certain woman. The bus driver has to leave, but before he does so, he gives her 7 apples. Why?

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Super Mario Maker Kahoot game announcement!
Posted on 01-17-18, 03:08 am by  NightYoshi370
So, recently, on the discord server, we've been thinking of having a global kahoot game for all us Super Mario Maker hackers. Since many people wanted this to be a thing, I decided it would be good to add this as an event. This will test your knowledge on both the inner game working and how the game updates work for both versions of the game. Some common hacks will be featured as well.


-If we catch you cheating, you'll get kicked out of the game.
-Game is at 25th January, on 8:00 PM/20:00 EST. Please check the time for your area.
-You'll need to use a name that I can easily identify you by. Usernames work as well.
-In order to join, you'll need to add a thumbs up reaction to the discord announcement.
-The prize you'll get is the ability to hide ads for a week as well as a permanent badge on your profile.
-Please be sure about if you'll be able to make it. In other words, think before adding the reaction.
-There will be 35 seconds per question. During that time, I'll post what the top screen should say in a discord channel. If, for some reason, I didn't make it in time, I'll skip the question.
-If, for some reason, you need screenshare, I can make a discord group for you, and do so. This will allow you to see the actual questions before I post it onto the chat.
-You can't do this in groups. It's each person individually.
-There will be 20 questions. If, by 10 questions, not only does the game wait the whole 35 seconds, and there are some people with a score of zero, I will kick them out of the game, because it just looks like you're trying to ruin the pace of the game.
-The link will be posted as well as the ID an hour before that. It'll be posted on here and on Discord.

Have fun, and I can't wait to meetup with you guys!
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