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We are a community dedicated to bringing you a home for the hacking of Super Mario Maker (Wii U & 3DS).
Our community is a place for everyone to post their projects, get help and support, and find tutorials.
Join us to share your very own creations, or feel free to just browse the site and check out some of the awesome projects and tutorials found here.

Super Mario Maker Mods

We have all sorts of crazy mods for Super Mario Maker, ranging from Super Mario Odyssey in 8-bit style, to Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped.
Whatever you are interested in, you might find it in our Depot.
Over at the Depot, we have links to download the best mods out there for Super Mario Maker & tutorials for newcomers.


At the Mario Making Mods Wiki, you'll find lots of up-to-date information about all the technical parts of Super Mario Maker. You can submit your own findings there, too!

Chat and Hang-Out with our community

Come take a look at our Discord Server! It's a great central for quick and general discussions.
At the Discord server, we have many active members from our forums, who love to help people!
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What's up? - Febuary 14th, 2018
Posted on 02-15-18, 04:34 am by NightYoshi370
Hello everyone, and welcome to our very new installment of the "What's up?" news series, where we cover all the latest news from Super Mario Maker hacking, to our very own community updates. Since today is the end of Valentines day, why not share your last moments of hanging out with your friend, and read what's up!

Mario Making Mods News

-MakerBoard is growing stronger than ever, with all the new Depot changes, up to the new RPG stats. But there are still alot more things that need to be implemented. If you are interested in helping out, why not check our github repo?
-Mario Making Mods has been running for 9 months. I couldn't have done this without your help. Thank you all.
-We have gotten a new logo made by Buntendo. If it doesn't appear for you, press CTRL + F5 if you are using a Windows PC.
-The most votes have been released.
-We have removed our patreon. Now, everything should be released for free, without some silly payment method.
-We have ran our first Super Mario Maker hax Kahoot game. More events to come in the future.

Super Mario Maker Haxs

-Time to ramp up the engine, as Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped has gotten a January 2018 beta release.
-a new SMB3 All-Stars mod has been released by Otomo.
-A new SMB1 All-Stars mod has been released by Louis Miles.
-A new Rainbow mod has been released by Smalllevy.
-A new SMW mod, based off of Piranha island, has been released.
-Gotta get those shiny new coins, with the new Coin mod by tee.

...and many more to be found in our depot, now with more organization


A bus driver and a doctor both like a certain woman. The bus driver has to leave, but before he does so, he gives her 7 apples. Why?

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Super Mario Maker Kahoot game announcement!
Posted on 01-17-18, 03:08 am by NightYoshi370
So, recently, on the discord server, we've been thinking of having a global kahoot game for all us Super Mario Maker hackers. Since many people wanted this to be a thing, I decided it would be good to add this as an event. This will test your knowledge on both the inner game working and how the game updates work for both versions of the game. Some common hacks will be featured as well.


-If we catch you cheating, you'll get kicked out of the game.
-Game is at 25th January, on 8:00 PM/20:00 EST. Please check the time for your area.
-You'll need to use a name that I can easily identify you by. Usernames work as well.
-In order to join, you'll need to add a thumbs up reaction to the discord announcement.
-The prize you'll get is the ability to hide ads for a week as well as a permanent badge on your profile.
-Please be sure about if you'll be able to make it. In other words, think before adding the reaction.
-There will be 35 seconds per question. During that time, I'll post what the top screen should say in a discord channel. If, for some reason, I didn't make it in time, I'll skip the question.
-If, for some reason, you need screenshare, I can make a discord group for you, and do so. This will allow you to see the actual questions before I post it onto the chat.
-You can't do this in groups. It's each person individually.
-There will be 20 questions. If, by 10 questions, not only does the game wait the whole 35 seconds, and there are some people with a score of zero, I will kick them out of the game, because it just looks like you're trying to ruin the pace of the game.
-The link will be posted as well as the ID an hour before that. It'll be posted on here and on Discord.

Have fun, and I can't wait to meetup with you guys!
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What's up? December 23rd, 2017
Posted on 12-24-17, 03:54 am by NightYoshi370
Hello Everyone! Before giving up the latest news, I'd like to share a message from the staff and everyone here.

We wish you a merry holiday, for those of you that celebrate either Christmas or "Hanekah". We hope you enjoy the festival, and that you like the news that we'll be giving.

Super Mario Maker Hacking News

-We have gotten the SUPER MARIO MAKER KIOSK DEMO! Showcase will be uploaded on sunday on our Youtube Channel.
-New SM64 Theme: smw3ds Dire Dire Docks theme
-New Sonic Theme: wii usmw Green Hill Zone - Super Mario in Sonic the Hedgehog
-New Theme: smwwiiu cool mountain theme
-New Theme: smb1wiiu Desert theme
-New Costume: PACO mystery costume
-New Costume: Sandy Cheeks mystery costume
-New Theme: wii uwipb1.4 Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped
-New "Music" Mod: wii u Remove the Music!
-New Theme: SMB3 tank theme
-"New" Theme: wii usmb1 Bonneton / Cap Kingdom (V1)
-New Super Mario Oddysey Theme: smo spoilerswii usmb1 Nimbus Arena / Cloud Kingdom
-New Theme: slice night smw theme
-New Theme: wii u Mario Maker Halloween theme
-New NSLU Ported Theme: NSMBU flower garden
-New Super Mario World Styled Theme: smwboth Casino theme
-New Theme: smwwiiu red mountain
-New Windows Theme: smwwii u Windows 98 in Super Mario Maker
-New Costume: Xwater mystery mushroom costume
-New Costume: Vinny460 mystery costume
-New Theme: wii unsmbu Long grass
-New Costume: Carlsagan42 mystery mushroom costume
-New Costume: SpaceKatUniverse as a mystery costume
-New Costume: TheDragonFeeny mystery costume
-New Costume: Sir Hedging spiky hiss mystery mushroom costume
-New Costume: costume NightYoshi370 in Super Mario Maker
-New Costume: GrandKeys mystery mushroom costume
-New Costume: Jaku as a mystery mushroom costume
-New Costume: characters Sonic CD Mini Sonic Mystery Mushroom
-New SMAS Theme: wii ucastlesmb1 A tileset ripped from Mario Bros All Stars
-New Chinese SMW Theme: wii usmwcastle Chinese SMW Castle
-New Text Edit: DAMN IT! - Text Edit
-New Emerald Hill Zone Theme: wii usmw Sonic the Hedgehog Theme
-New NSMBU Costume: New Super Mario Bros. U: Wario for Nintendo 3DS
-New Chinese SMW Theme: wii usmwunderground Chinese SMW Underground
-New Chinese SMW Theme: smwwii ufield chinese super mario world
-New Costume: wii usmb1 Replace Weird Mario with Luigi!
-New Theme: Smb3 snowy
...and Many More. If you want, check in the depot.

Mario Making Mods News

- MakerBoard 1.0 is now in official developement. Will officially be released by next MMM What's up post.
- Most votes are closing in 2 days. You better finish up your votes.
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What's Up? -November 14, 2017
Posted on 11-15-17, 03:34 am by GRAnimated

NightYoshi370 wanted me to do this one, so lets-a-go!

We now have a Minecraft server, one for the Java edition, and one for Bedrock/PE/Win10. You guys can thank FruitSmasher for the idea of having a Minecraft server!

You can ask at Horizons thread or the MMM thread.

The Java one runs on 1.8.8, and is whitelisted. The Bedrock one is not whitelisted, and the IP is in the MMM thread.

Lots of new themes and costumes! Thanks to evrules5, we have many custom mystery mushroom sprites, including Spacehampster, Ryu, and Roy.

Theres also been a Pateron only mod, which will be released to the public on the 28th. (Hint, it has something to do with NightYoshi370.)

Buntendo has also released his Sand Kingdom mod, based on Super Mario Odyssey.

As you may have heard, Miiverse has ended, which is pretty sad, but it was expected for a dead console.

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What's up? - October 22nd 2017
Posted on 10-22-17, 05:39 pm by NightYoshi370
Well, today is my birthday, so I got some very exciting stuff to share with all of you! This will be a combination of the mini What's up entry from a while ago with some new things!

Super Mario Maker Hacking News

We have new Super Mario Odyssey themes from GRAnimated, Buntendo & Hüseyin the Mighty. We also now have a Wooden Airship theme.

Mario Making Mods News

-Yoshi Gone Missing has unfortunately got cancelled.
-We are now celebrating Halloween on the forum with a theme made by Gota7 which I totally did not steal from Horizon without permission.
-We now have a new forum feature: Thread search! This can help you easily find threads on a forum page, but unfortunately, it doesn't look through all the pages, and you'll need to have JavaScript enabled for this.
-We made a newer version of the [ thread ] BBCode which doesn't display the tags.
-Sadly, IRC is gone from the forum, due to drama.
-We now have a Patreon! It'll give you some neat benefits on the forums, and will help pay for the forums new hosting.
-We have made a new Youtube video, showcasing all of our past mods.
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