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Hello! I am  NightYoshi370, the main manager of Mario Making Mods. I know how to hack Super Mario Maker, Sonic Mania, and some other random games. I speak both English and French. If you need any help, you may speak with me


Hey, I'm GRAnimated. I love modding games, but I have the most experience with Super Mario Maker. I've done many stupid things in the past, and got banned from quite a few places. Below, there's a list of the better mods I've done for SMM.

Minecraft in Super Mario Maker
Code Edits (Actually just string replacing)
Layout Edits
A lot of stuff for Mario Maker: Beta Revived

I also have a capture device for the Wii U, Xbox One, etc.
I have some experience with Java, and I know some basic web design (HTML and CSS).
Anyway, that's basically it!
I have a neat YouTube channel, too! (
I also have a website that you can play some retro games on with the Nesbox emulator! (

 Hüseyin the Mighty

I'm Hüseyin the Mighty. I'm admin on Mario Making Mods and like to mod Super Mario Maker 3DS. I mod other games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii or New Super Mario Bros. 2 aswell. I've played Mario Games since I was four years old. My first console was the Nintendo 64. I have some experience with C#. If you have questions, ask me!


Hey there! I'm Abood, also known as MasterVermilli0n on Discord. I'm the dev of PointlessMaker, the SMM editor (haha), and Miyamoto!, the NSMBU editor.
I hack both SMM and NSMBU.
Programming languages I know: Python, Cython, C.
If you have any questions you think I may be able to answer, don't hesitate to ask!
Software Credits
-Repflez: URL Code & TimeAgo plugin
-Owl: Randomized UID code & Multi-Language support.
-StapleButter: Original Blargboard code
- NightYoshi370: Makerboard.
-PickPen: Making the Depot theme icons.
-LifeMushroom &  Samplasion: Themes (they gave me permission to use their theme)
- Samplasion &  MoonlightCapital: Italian Translation
-RedDucks: JSON download API
-Isaac: Ranksets
-Phase: MySQL 5.7 "fix", & Sub-forum layout
-JeDaYoshi: Port both a WIP RPG system (from acmlmboard2) as well as all the ABXD plugins over to Blargboard
- Buntendo: Making the new Logo/Icon