Forum Staff
 NightYoshi370Hello! My name is  NightYoshi370, & I am the main manager of Mario Making Mods. I know how to hack Super Mario Maker, Sonic Mania, and some other random games. I speak both English and French. If you need any help, you may speak with me
Hüseyin the MightyI'm Hüseyin the Mighty. I'm admin on Mario Making Mods and like to mod Super Mario Maker 3DS. I mod other games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii or New Super Mario Bros. 2 aswell. I've played Mario Games since I was four years old. My first console was the Nintendo 64. I have some experience with C#. If you have questions, ask me!
Software Credits
 NightYoshi370The lead developer of MakerBoard
StapleButterMade Blargboard, which is what this software is based off of.
DirbaioLead developer of ABXD 3.0, which is what Blargboard is based off of.
KawaPrevious leader of ABXD, before passing on the role to Dirbaio.
XKeeperMaking the original graphic files
OmanNew Router & Implementation of TimeAgo
Sean MurphyURL Slugify code (UTF8 implementation)
RedDucksSMM Themes downloadable API
JeDaYoshiPorted the ABXD plugins to use for our board
Toni LähdekorpiMaking the Wiki Markup
erusevParsedown, which allows for markup on the website.
Graphic Designers
PickPenMaking the icons used in the depot
 Samplasion &  MoonlightCapitalItalian Translation
Ryan McGearyTimeAgo
IsaacRanksets used on the board
PhaseSub-forum layout