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NightYoshi370Hello there! I am the main manager of Retro Revival, & I love the Genesis Games. If you need any help, come speak with me!
teeHey there! I'm tee, a friendly guy that enjoys playing games with others. If you want some friendly competition, just contact me!
Software Credits
NightYoshi370The lead developer of MakerBoard
StapleButterMade Blargboard, prequel of MakerBoard.
DirbaioLead developer of ABXD 3.0, prequel of Blargboard.
Oman ComputarNew Router
Sean MurphyURL Slugify code
Toni LähdekorpiWiki Markup
darkainPUDL (MySQL engine)
Graphic Designers
PickPenDepot icons
Samplasion & MoonlightCapitalItalian Translation
Ryan McGearyTimeAgo
mdoLead developer of Bootstrap