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Posted on 06-22-18, 06:27 pm by  WillyMaker (rev. 16 by  WillyMaker on 07-31-18, 07:41 pm)
Enjoy with this!
Feel the hot theme...
So Louiskovski released the NSMBDS Mod and i see what he put custom backgrounds in the Wii U Version, and now i know how to change the backgrounds too... Then the third update includes the NSMBW Volcano BG!
I fixed and ported it to SMM (i mean with fixed what i put the rockwall and the sky) Volcanos by: KingYoshi
Third Update Video:

Update Video:


Downoald: http://www.mediafire.com/file/odat07jlwdr1iay/VolcanoOutsideV.3.rar/file

180729-1942-20.jpg — 402.99 KiB, viewed 166 times

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 NightYoshi370 Posted on 06-22-18, 06:31 pm
That's neat, but I think someone else did this as well. Though, I might be getting it wrong.

Besides, this looks great, so good job!
 WillyMaker Posted on 06-22-18, 06:41 pm
I'm getting better xd
 WillyMaker Posted on 06-28-18, 07:18 pm
Theme finished! (With downoald :p)
ZeoCharge Posted on 06-29-18, 01:43 am
Does this have have a custom BackGround?
 WillyMaker Posted on 07-29-18, 05:47 pm
V.3 Released!
 NightYoshi370 Posted on 07-30-18, 11:47 pm
I gotta say: The custom background really looks cool.
I'll see if I can make a new mod which is the NSMBW mountain theme based off of this. Great job on this mod, as usual.
 WillyMaker Posted on 07-31-18, 12:46 am
Thanks! I wanted to do this a long time ago.