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Posted on 07-19-18, 05:47 am by megamech (rev. 6 by megamech on 07-19-18, 05:58 am)
Hi Folks,

This mod is for twitch streamers. You can replace the backgrounds of most of super mario maker with whatever you want using a greenscreen/chromakey; Youtube videos, facecam, you name it! It's really cool! Easily and quickly swap backgrounds with Open Broadcast Software (OBS). So this could be good for quickly testing your background mods.
Currently does not work for NSMBU and the levels that have hard coded backgrounds.
I have also changed any texture with a door to also have the chromakey.

Example with a video background.

Unrar with winrar>Browse to: cemu_1.12.2\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\1018DC00\content
Merge the folders. Have fun!

OBS Setup:
RightClick on Game Capture>Filters>Chroma Key>Custom Colour.
rgb(31, 12, 28);
Hex: #1F0C1C
Simularity: 12
Smoothness: 17
Spill Reduction: 1

Chromakey may need adjusting for the Boo House and other darker themes.

Please do not re-host. This download link will stay live: