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Posted on 07-25-18, 07:18 pm by  WillyMaker
Who wanted what the ? Switch back to Super Mario Maker from the first version?
Well here is the mod for this.

Downoald: http://www.mediafire.com/file/r3vz4y69d27ci61/Old%20Switch.rar
180725-2126-11.jpg — 529.22 KiB, viewed 123 times
 tee Posted on 07-25-18, 07:25 pm
Great job! I never really liked the new one.
 WillyMaker Posted on 07-25-18, 09:14 pm
Me too.
 NightYoshi370 Posted on 07-26-18, 12:08 am
I remember seeing someone (most likely Abood) making a replica of this for beta revived. Nice to see it make a comeback.
 WillyMaker Posted on 07-26-18, 07:27 pm
Forgot to say what i changed the p-switch from M1 to the orange.