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Posted on 03-10-19, 08:12 pm by WillyMaker (rev. 4 by WillyMaker on 03-10-19, 08:24 pm)
I'm bored, so I made this.
W2 will be the next.

Tileset by The Mario Modder


hu hu de da Posted on 03-10-19, 08:22 pm
Wow. Not even an official BG. Just out of nowhere.

With that said, it's great and I love it and why do you use mega ok bye i should die now oof.

Suggestion: can you make a custom BG of some kind of mushroom alley thing?

Idk if it should be SMB or NSMBU but either is good, and if you want you can make both. Thanks anyway!

Keep up the good work.
NightYoshi370 Posted on 03-11-19, 05:38 am
Honestly, while the bottom portion is great, the top part of the BG feels really bland in comparison. Maybe you can tilt the map slightly upwards, or maybe add clouds, or anything really
hu hu de da Posted on 03-11-19, 04:24 pm
I think add clouds.
WillyMaker Posted on 03-11-19, 04:31 pm
Uh oh, I can't edit the bg more because I deleted the save file, sorry
hu hu de da Posted on 03-11-19, 04:48 pm
Oh oof, that's fine though.