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Posted on 03-06-19, 03:33 am by Sm-ArtThings
Finally got around to bringing over the tilesets from the Super Mario Land 2 mod by Louiskovski unto the 3DS version. Some screenshots but no link yet:

Until someone teaches me how to change the animated tiles as well this is gonna be as far as I go. Dont even really mind mario/the enemies being in colour, I actually like it, but stuff like the coins and blocks at least would be nice.

All credit of course goes to all the people from the original thread.
hu hu de da Posted on 03-06-19, 12:13 pm
Well, this project seems quite nice! You wan't help, or are you alone on this project?
Sm-ArtThings Posted on 03-06-19, 12:57 pm
I mean, I'd need help. Ive done pretty much all I can do in terms of replacing tiles.
hu hu de da Posted on 03-06-19, 03:13 pm
Oh, okay. Well I don't know any of this either, but I could try my best to help.
Sm-ArtThings Posted on 03-07-19, 08:59 pm
Yeah, anyone willing to help me with this or show me what to do would be great.
NightYoshi370 Posted on 03-07-19, 09:06 pm
You'll need to change the files in the A2D folder using Kuriimu/Kukkii/whatever it's called, I can't remember clearly right now
Sm-ArtThings Posted on 03-07-19, 10:05 pm
I'd have to find a way to get that folder in the first place since I got nothing but the tileset, model and sound ones at the moment. But at least this is more info