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Posted on 06-19-19, 10:54 am by WillyMaker (rev. 2 by WillyMaker on 06-19-19, 11:00 am)

Yup, the background that a lot of people wanted in this game. and now is in smm2 but well, here we have it for smm1.
Features of the background:
-Custom fog
-Vertex Colours

Tileset: zacha and aboodxd
Background and edit music: Me
Edit Music made by Nintendo


.NET Posted on 06-19-19, 01:35 pm
WOW, I am one of those people who wanted this ;)
A Kramer Randomness Posted on 06-19-19, 05:17 pm
Not too bad!
Although the Edit Music kinda needs 6 more tracks
WillyMaker Posted on 06-21-19, 08:14 am
Oh, I can edit Sound.pack and problem solved