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Posted on 01-07-18, 11:40 pm by Smalllevy (rev. 4 by Smalllevy on 01-08-18, 02:46 am)
Sure, mods about computers have been made, but why should that stop me?
So here it is! Another mod about Mario in a computer!
Themes Changed:
> Ground (The Computer)
> Underground (A Matrix Type Thing?)
Game Style:
Super Mario Bros.
Download Link for Wii U:
(Screenshots Attached)
GroundTheme.PNG — 77.51 KiB, viewed 186 times

UnderGroundTheme.PNG — 185.17 KiB, viewed 536 times
Lakifume Posted on 01-08-18, 01:12 am
Could you give a screenshot please ?
Sm-ArtThings Posted on 01-08-18, 01:54 am
Would also be nice to give info on stuff like what system it's for (3DS or WiiU) and what theme it replaces?