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Posted on 03-01-19, 09:36 pm by hu hu de da
Okay, so I am making currently a Rock Candy Mines tileset for SMM (NSMBU Style). Please keep in mind that this isn't finished yet, but also keep in mind that it'll be done in a couple of weeks or so.

(Currently setting up OBS Studio again to record a vid. Here is the tileset: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-HN23xPbsuPk/XHmluAy_-kI/AAAAAAAAEas/tXaqlOeeM1ItG6BXLvTOa-O4Cw6fppnegCL0BGAYYCw/h1088/2019-03-01.png)
NightYoshi370 Posted on 03-01-19, 09:52 pm
Isn't there supposed to be some tileset padding?
hu hu de da Posted on 03-01-19, 09:53 pm
Isn't there supposed to be some tileset padding?

Wait what what is that? I tested this on vacation (yes I was mad enough to bring my entire Wii U), and there wasn't any flaws apart from the unfinished semi-solids.
GRAnimated Posted on 03-01-19, 11:30 pm
There are two pixels of padding on the edge of every block in the tileset.
hu hu de da Posted on 03-01-19, 11:32 pm
oh thanks
12JellyGamer Posted on 03-03-19, 05:40 pm
You forgot to say I made the tileset...
hu hu de da Posted on 03-03-19, 06:00 pm
You said to not say that, right?
12JellyGamer Posted on 03-03-19, 06:06 pm
probuabely wrong rememberd....