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Posted on 05-29-17, 06:41 pm by Mayroh No
Before saying anything I should point out that this theme was made by kirbypoyo567 on MFGG and was later imported by zachabossaloler. Although I had nothing to do with the creation of this tileset, I'm creating this thread for the sake of organisation.

This theme creates a beach environment with sandcastles and some NSMBU-esque elements. Certain semisolids don't repeat properly so you'll have to use them in 4x3 form quite often.

Important note: This theme is not compatible with the latest version of Mario Maker. It only works with versions that came before v1.4. If you have v1.4 or higher then you won't be able to play this. Sorry. Well, you CAN play it. But it'll look a bit...different...

kirbypoyo567: Graphics
zachabossaloler: Imported the tileset.

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Zach's Video
Charlie59876 Posted on 04-17-18, 05:28 pm
can you do a wii u port for this mod please?
WillyMaker Posted on 09-12-18, 02:11 pm