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Posted on 06-07-18, 10:29 pm by The Mario Modder (rev. 20 by The Mario Modder on 07-30-19, 06:38 pm)
  • Major Update 1 (Timestamp: 5/27/2019 ) : Added Underground and Overworld Background. Overworld BG has Vertex Colors, Underground still needs some help. Started Underwater Tileset.
  • Update 2 (Timestamp: 6/18/2019 ) : Ported Overworld theme for normal and fast versions, added Game Select Icon, changed the game name that flashes when you choose the style, changed 2D lighting, and make BG scroll a bit faster.
  • Update 3 (Timestamp: 7/1/2019 ) : Ported Tileset for Super Mario Maker 2 the mod will now be ported to the Switch, 3DS and Wii U. I will start porting the Overworld BG to the switch.
  • Update 4 (Timestamp: 7/6/2019 ) : Completed NSMBW Overworld Tileset
  • Update 5 (Timestamp: 7/20/2019 ) : Completed Underground Tileset Wii U / 3DS
Wii U:
Backgrounds: 33%
Music: 100%
Misc: 68%

Tilesets: 14%
Backgrounds: 20%
Music: 83%%
Misc: 0%

Tilesets: 50%
Backgrounds: 11%
Music: 100%
Misc: 0%

Hello and welcome to my first post/mod. Well, not really. This is a mod that I've actually wanted to resume after the Beta Revived II mod that Daniel, GRAnimated, and I have been working on. This mod is actually pretty outdated as there have been many new Tools and Resources available to us to use for future mods. So I am happy to announce that this mod will be getting a complete overhaul, being rebuild from the ground-up with better tilesets, backgronds, music, icons, etc. It will also be getting ports to Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch. So far the Wii U port is ahead and I dont have a specific date on when the mod will be completely finished. Updates will be posted here regularly and I will update the download as well. With that out the way, to the download, and some screenshots.



Wii U

Nintendo Switch.

Time for the Download! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nqGQvBOM0_L5ZKjQEchYSc-V-CSaAEzy/view?usp=sharing
Brick Posted on 06-08-18, 02:51 am
This mod makes my game crash after the first screen.
Brick Posted on 06-08-18, 06:27 pm
I just fixed it so it works in the update.

Files are here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yOoBkH4z6dYhz-t5f4Q4VKKe9Pw2pl9_
A Kramer Randomness Posted on 09-11-18, 10:11 pm
Hey Mario Modder, Is It OK That i Can Use This Mod To Change It Up A Bit?
The Mario Modder Posted on 09-12-18, 02:16 am
@A Kramer Randomness

Of course, just give be a bit of credit for the base mod, alright?
.NET Posted on 02-03-19, 12:36 pm
Why is the straght pipe yellow!?!?
WillyMaker Posted on 05-01-19, 03:16 pm
Hey guys, this mod has a server now! With the latest previews for example.
NightYoshi370 Posted on 05-02-19, 01:59 am
Has there been any updates to the mod lately?
The Mario Modder Posted on 05-02-19, 02:43 am
Willy made the underground BG, I finished castle tileset & started underwater Tileset
NightYoshi370 Posted on 05-02-19, 02:48 am
Do you have any screenshots?
The Mario Modder Posted on 05-02-19, 03:14 am
Check Willy's NSMBW for SMM Server
NightYoshi370 Posted on 07-07-19, 06:39 pm
Why'd you quote the main post?
The Mario Modder Posted on 07-07-19, 11:18 pm
Snukeep Posted on 07-22-19, 06:27 am
This looks very nice!
I was working on a similar project (which was for my personal use) but I've only completed grassland tileset and background.
So I was wondering if you would be interested in using the assets I made?
If you are, send me a private message