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Posted on 06-07-18, 10:29 pm by The Mario Modder (rev. 10 by The Mario Modder on 06-19-19, 03:28 am)
EDIT: This mod is being rebuild from the ground-up, this means better Backgrounds, better Tilesets, etc. WillyMaker is helping with this. Updates will be posted here as well as on the Discord Server. So you're not missing out on any future updates.

  • Major Update 1 (Timestamp: 5/27/2019 ) : Added Underground and Overworld Background. Overworld BG has Vertex Colors, Underground still needs some help. Started Underwater Tileset.
  • Update 2 (Timestamp: 6/18/2019 ) : Ported Overworld theme for normal and fast versions, added Game Select Icon, changed the game name that flashes when you choose the style, changed 2D lighting, and make BG scroll a bit faster.

This is my first post. Yay. Anyway, this mod just replaces a handful of things from the NSMBU theme and replacing it with NSMBW. Including but not limited to: Pallete. Music, and Tileset. Im not done, which is why its Beta, with this yet but Ill try to finish it as soon as possible. The background and Objects/Enemies with Normal Maps will have to wait because I don't know how to replace them. So, yeah... enjoy.

Unfortunately the file is too big to fit here so here is the Google Drive file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZTtlO9NgbFzprGCqh3BQNkiocYaLao9B/view

Screenshots taken using CemU
Cemu 1.12.1b - FPS_ 60.00 [NVIDIA GPU] [ShaderCache_ fe31b7f2] [TitleId_ 00050000-1018dc00] Super Mario Maker [US v113] 6_7_2018 3_22_36 PM.png — 2.33 MiB, viewed 482 times

Cemu 1.12.1b - FPS_ 60.00 [NVIDIA GPU] [ShaderCache_ fe31b7f2] [TitleId_ 00050000-1018dc00] Super Mario Maker [US v113] 6_7_2018 3_22_42 PM.png — 958.72 KiB, viewed 462 times

Cemu 1.12.1b - FPS_ 60.00 [NVIDIA GPU] [ShaderCache_ fe31b7f2] [TitleId_ 00050000-1018dc00] Super Mario Maker [US v113] 6_7_2018 3_23_39 PM.png — 2.36 MiB, viewed 1158 times
Brick Posted on 06-08-18, 02:51 am
This mod makes my game crash after the first screen.
Brick Posted on 06-08-18, 06:27 pm
I just fixed it so it works in the update.

Files are here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yOoBkH4z6dYhz-t5f4Q4VKKe9Pw2pl9_
A Kramer Randomness Posted on 09-11-18, 10:11 pm
Hey Mario Modder, Is It OK That i Can Use This Mod To Change It Up A Bit?
The Mario Modder Posted on 09-12-18, 02:16 am
@A Kramer Randomness

Of course, just give be a bit of credit for the base mod, alright?
12JellyGamer Posted on 02-03-19, 12:36 pm
Why is the straght pipe yellow!?!?
WillyMaker Posted on 05-01-19, 03:16 pm
Hey guys, this mod has a server now! With the latest previews for example.
NightYoshi370 Posted on 05-02-19, 01:59 am
Has there been any updates to the mod lately?
The Mario Modder Posted on 05-02-19, 02:43 am
Willy made the underground BG, I finished castle tileset & started underwater Tileset
NightYoshi370 Posted on 05-02-19, 02:48 am
Do you have any screenshots?
The Mario Modder Posted on 05-02-19, 03:14 am
Check Willy's NSMBW for SMM Server