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Posted on 02-10-19, 04:55 pm by hu hu de da (rev. 1 by hu hu de da on 02-10-19, 08:35 pm)
please download this i have a family to feed...

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnaC12FVMGA
WillyMaker Posted on 02-10-19, 05:04 pm
And the original tileset was made by me, add that
hu hu de da Posted on 02-10-19, 07:23 pm

i told you that on discord...
WillyMaker Posted on 02-10-19, 07:23 pm
I don't saw that
hu hu de da Posted on 02-10-19, 07:26 pm
Credits go to Jannitendo and WillyMaker for creating the snow tileset.

Beach edit music by: JoshhMarshh

Background for this mod: WillyMaker's NSMBU Beach Background for SMM. Check out his channel.

Beach Tileset: hu hu

NightYoshi370 Posted on 02-10-19, 07:37 pm
You could just edit the original post for the credits.
Also, can you post a screenshot or something so we can see it for ourselves?
hu hu de da Posted on 02-10-19, 07:45 pm
it's just obs studio is only outputting a black screen
WillyMaker Posted on 02-10-19, 07:46 pm
Post your video dude
hu hu de da Posted on 02-10-19, 07:47 pm
yes but hhhhhoooooooowwwwwww?
WillyMaker Posted on 02-10-19, 07:54 pm
Edit your post and post the YT video
12JellyGamer Posted on 02-10-19, 08:06 pm
THANKS GUY FOR THE MOD!!!!! But now I ma going to sleep, live in Belgium ;).
hu hu de da Posted on 02-10-19, 08:24 pm
Your welc
NightYoshi370 Posted on 02-11-19, 05:42 am

I do not like this mod at all

First off, the ground is just the overworld ground but recolored
Second off, the semi-solid have pieces from the other semi-solid on the right side. You must have shifted a pixel
Third off, there are way too many inconsistencies and cutoffs with this tileset.
Fourth off, the pipes are way too saturated, and not the right kind of saturation.
hu hu de da Posted on 02-11-19, 05:19 pm
Then maybe I'll just work on SMW, SMB3 and SMB mods. And give me a break, I was stressed, tired, and my house is literally a hell hole with loads of noise.
Maybe you could take beach textures from NSMBU and try to make it go with a SMM tileset.