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Posted on 12-26-18, 05:35 pm by WillyMaker (rev. 3 by WillyMaker on 03-08-19, 01:26 pm)
Ok so, I fixed the lightning, colors, and other stuff.

Also, I added a bonus, the same background but with the cliff from the Acorn Plains BG from NSMBU.



With the cliff:

-The Mario Modder: Tileset

A Kramer Randomness Posted on 01-04-19, 05:33 am
3DS Port?
WillyMaker Posted on 03-08-19, 01:26 pm
V.2 Released!
Read the post for the new features
A Kramer Randomness Posted on 03-08-19, 03:01 pm
Can you add the castle next?
WillyMaker Posted on 03-08-19, 03:02 pm
The NSMBW one?
Well, if you want to say that bg, I already imported it, but Modder will release it with his NSMBW Mod I think.
A Kramer Randomness Posted on 03-08-19, 06:50 pm
May i have it?