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Posted on 06-09-19, 06:35 pm by WillyMaker
I tried to recreate the SMM2 night overworld theme, also the music that I put, is very similar to the smm2 one.
(Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrC351W5Ea4)
Also with a new background (added moon, custom sky and custom lightning)

Tileset by Buntendo

Sm-ArtThings Posted on 06-09-19, 08:10 pm
While I really like this, wouldnt it be best we just wait until the end of June/July for someone to rip the tilesets/backgrounds so we got the official stuff? Still wanna try this out in the meantime though
WillyMaker Posted on 06-09-19, 08:12 pm
Nah xD
Sm-ArtThings Posted on 06-10-19, 05:44 am
Im just seeing the Northern Lights in the background, that's great
.NET Posted on 06-10-19, 10:43 am
WOW! Where is the download of the new music, that one where you made a level in?