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Posted on 04-25-19, 10:44 pm by MarioPossamato (rev. 28 by MarioPossamato on 05-21-19, 04:09 am)

Note: Specific offsets will be located at the end of this post. First, you will need HxD hex editor (any other hex editor will work, but I just recommend HxD) You can download HxD here. Once you have downloaded and installed HxD hex editor, you will need to decompress your Block.rpx file so it can be edited. To decompress any .rpx file, you will need wiiurpxtool, which is a tool used for decompressing .rpx files. Place both wiiurpxtool.exe and your Block.rpx file on your Desktop, and open Command Prompt: Type, cd Desktop, hit enter and type, wiiurpxtool -d Block.rpx. It should say, decompressing, and will decompress your Block.rpx file. Open HxD hex editor, and click File\Open and choose the Block.rpx file on your Desktop. Go to Search\Find and type cState_StartDemo and hit Ok. The search result should be 63 53 74 61 74 65 5F 53 74 61 72 74 44 65 6D 6F, so go down three lines, and go through that line until you see the numbers 3F 80 00 00. Those numbers are the numbers you want to change for the camera zoom. For Example, 3F E0 00 00 is zoomed out, while 3F 00 00 00 is zoomed in. Experiment, and find the distance you like. If you will be using the camera zoom hack, it will not load for any other styles other than NSMBU normally, and will just freeze on a white screen during the opening video. To change that, search for 2c 03 00 00 41 82 02 14 c0 fe 02 5c 3d 60 10 07 fd 40 38 1e, and change 2c 03 00 00 to 7c031800, which will change the rendering for non-NSMBU themes, which makes things look slightly blurrier, but also fixes the crash on zooming out. For infinite drag sizes in editor, search for 2c 0c ff ed 40 80 00 14 2c 00 ff f4 39 80 ff ed 41 80 00 1c, and replace 2c 0c ff ed with 48 00 00 48. For vertical levels, search for 41 d8 00 00 3d e1 47 ae 3f a0 00 00 3e 4c cc cd b4 00 00 00 34 00 00 00, and replace 41 d8 00 00 with 43870000, which will give you 270 block high, instead of 27 blocks. Disclaimer! If you go any higher than 270 blocks, make and save a level with blocks higher than the 270 block limit, the blocks will not save into the level, so I recommend staying within the 270 block limit. After you've finished editing the Block.rpx file, you will need to decomress it with wiiurpxtool again. Type, cd Desktop, hit enter and type, wiiurpxtool -d Block.rpx. It should say, decompressing again, and at that point it will run in either Loadiine or CEMU. Now, to find these values and addresses, I will not go into detail in this post, but you would need either IDA, or GHIDRA with a special .rpx plugin. I may release a post later on how to get GHIDRA setup and working with the plugin, so if you'd like me to release a post for that, please let me know in a reply. I will add any other new addresses and stuff in this post in the future.

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The Mario Modder Posted on 04-30-19, 12:25 am
nice, cant wait to try it out.