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Posted on 02-09-19, 07:47 pm by WillyMaker (rev. 4 by WillyMaker on 03-12-19, 03:10 pm)
Oh yeah, now we can play with this cool background that we can see in NSMBU 1-3 and 1-4.

Edit: I fixed some colors.


NightYoshi370 Posted on 02-10-19, 02:42 am
So, what's the difference?
WillyMaker Posted on 02-10-19, 07:13 am
That there's a zoom, and there are more stone structures
The Mario Modder Posted on 03-12-19, 12:03 am
Download is broken.
WillyMaker Posted on 03-12-19, 03:08 pm
The download is now fixed