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Posted on 10-19-17, 02:09 am by Buntendo (rev. 9 by Buntendo on 12-02-17, 05:20 pm)
The City of New Donk City is now in Super Mario Maker!
In this mod, you'll find taxis, buildings, fire hydrants and more!
Wii U:


the 3DS Version has a custom Mario sprite.

Wii U Download
3DS Download

Full Credits:
Buntendo - Tileset, Background, and Wii U import.
Hüseyin the Mighty - Tileset, 3DS import.
GRAnimated- Imported Background
wrathsoffire76 Posted on 11-03-17, 01:40 am
This looks so cool, I'll check it out when the time comes. Nice work
NightYoshi370 Posted on 11-08-17, 04:55 am
Nice! I'm gonna test this later today, it looks really cool!

EDIT: I made a level using this theme! I bet it looks weird without the mod :P
Name: Super Mario Odyssey
ID: 04A6-0000-036A-5BF1
If anyone plays it and gets stuck at the first part, I made a contraption that gives you a key if you go close to the door as costume Mario... or in this case, Mario with the Builder outfit c;
Nice! If you want, you can upload it to SMMDB and make a new thread on it.
HEYimHeroic Posted on 11-08-17, 03:02 pm
Nice! If you want, you can upload it to SMMDB and make a new thread on it.
Sure! I'll mess around with doing that today then :P
DatBoiKong Posted on 11-08-17, 11:46 pm
Since you made custom Mario sprites with this theme, is it OK if you can do it for the Wii u too?