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Welcome To Mario Making Mods
Mario Making Mods is the home for Super Mario Maker modding. Here is where you can get updates on the board, share your own Super Mario Maker mod, get assistance, hang out with our community, and much more.

Be sure you read the following information before participating in our many discussions, especially the rules. Not reading them doesn't give you an excuse to break them.

Don't ask for staff

Asking for staff makes it less likely that you will be receiving it.

Do not post NSFW Material

This will result in an instant ban, as there are children here

Keep memes and shitposting to an absolute minimum

Don't spam

Spam is making:

- A post that is off-topic, meaning that it has nothing to do with the original thread.
- A post that is only a few words long and doesn't contribute anything meaningful to the discussion.
- A thread that doesn't have any real meaning
- A thread with a poll that is pointless.
- A thread that is an exact duplicate of a pre-existing, recent thread.

If you feel that a thread is spam, then report the first post of the thread. Do not lecture the poster on the dangers of spamming.

Do not post game spoilers without having a "spoilers" tag on your thread.

Respect everyone in the server, especially the staff

Do not insult others, post slurs, or anything designed to be offensive to others.

You may advertise your content (after all, we are interested in seeing what you've made). However, don't be annoying when doing so.

For example, don't force people to be interested or beg for subs

Please keep your drama and fighting outside the server

Piracy is not allowed in this server at all

This includes (but is not limited too)

• asking how to pirate games
• sharing full game data
• mentioning piracy sites and tools by name
• sharing game tickets and titlekeys
• asking to share direct messages to help with piracy
• discussing piracy in the assistance channels
• and generally committing copyright violations

Trying to evade, look for loopholes, or stay borderline within the rules will be treated as breaking them.

The spirit of the rules is more important than the wording of them.

While some of you are used to speaking other languages, we'd appreciate it if you'd try to keep it English-only in here.

Don't impersonate anybody!

Even if they aren't in the server, we'd appreciate if you were you and not trying to be someone else.
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