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Since: 05-21-17
First of all, this is a tutorial for the 3DS Version.

1. Get your sprite. It's located in "romfs/Model. It's a .szs file.
2. Open the file in Ohana3ds rebirth and export the .bch.
3 Create a new folder (I did it on my desktop).
4. Start ohana3ds (not rebirth) and open the .bch file.
5. export all the textures into the new folder you created.
6 Edit them. Every image is a frame of the animation.
7. If you are finished, import the new images into the opened .bch in ohana3ds and save.
8. Download 3DS SZS Packer 1.1.
9. Start it.
10. The filename has to be the same as that one you replace.
11."SZS save loc" is the output location. I selected my desktop.
12."SZS source folder" is the folder, that contains the edited .bch.
13.Press "Pack SZS" and it should be compressed as .szs.
14 Copy it into "romfs/Model" and overwrite the original. It should work.

My result:

I edited the SMB1 mario sprite.
Posted on 06-14-17, 11:53 am in tutorial3ds How to change the mario sprite (rev. 1 by Hüseyin the Mighty on 06-14-17, 01:30 pm)
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Since: 05-21-17
I'm making the SMB SNES Style in Super Mario Maker 3DS.


-custom music

To do:
-Changing the sprite textures
Posted on 06-06-17, 07:32 pm in 3dssmb Super Mario All Stars Ground (rev. 1 by Hüseyin the Mighty on 06-06-17, 07:33 pm)
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Since: 05-21-17
I was bored so I made the NSMBW and NSMB2 Castle theme.

Screenshots (Outdated):

Attachment: NSMBW castle.zip
45.09 KiB — Downloaded 105 times
Posted on 08-13-17, 07:54 pm in 3ds NSMBWii / 2 Castle Theme (rev. 1 by Hüseyin the Mighty on 08-13-17, 08:19 pm)
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Since: 05-21-17
But in New Super Luigi U luigis physics doesn't affect yoshi. He has with yoshi the normal mario physics.
Posted on 08-15-17, 04:44 pm in nsmbw Newer Super Luigi Wii: Dark Moon
Posted on 09-10-17, 11:11 pm, deleted by NightYoshi370
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Since: 05-21-17
Nobody mentioned it but the Switch is a year old now. Yay!
Posted on 03-05-18, 08:03 pm in Toad Chat