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Editor's Notes: "Hi guys, I apologize for not being active on this board very much, but this one thing that's been in the back of my mind ever since RVLution broke down, is the fact that I was never able to release the game's newest patch. Due to the fact that it's so hard now to gather enough information from the original thread to be able to repost it with enough accuracy (so no changelog), all of what you see here is all I was able to retrieve (that and removed all outdated screenshots and updated some information) But regardless I've added a ton of new things to the game, and I sure hope you guys all enjoy version 1.3.0 of Cliff Super Mario Brothers Wii."

Original Thread Posted in August 15, 2015

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'd like to show you a hack called Cliff Super Mario Bros Wii (as you can tell by the thread title and that I've showed the logo 1 million times on RVLution.)

This hack will include:
-Over 18 all-new levels spread across world 6 and 7
-43 new enemies and goodies
-13 new tilesets
-And 50 custom music files in total

Current Progress:

Goal: Release a quality hack that takes place in world 6 and 7 complete with custom retextures and music.
GoronGuy123: Project Leader, Level Designer, World Map Editor, Music Replacer, Retexturer, Tileset Creator, Logo Designer, Idea Man, Beta Tester
iMainMario: Beta Tester
Kinnay: XML Writer
mrbengtsson: World Map Editor, Level Designer
Paul721: Level Designer, Beta Tester, Tileset Creator
Zementblock: Level Fixer
Zuechti: Retexturer

-Fixed game crashing bug

-Added secret message at the end
-Reconstructed the levels a bit
-Removed some glares
-Redesigned Bob-ombs
-Made the first level longer
-Added a bonus room in the first level
-Fixed up/added a few other minor things in levels
-Added Lily Piranha Plants in level 6-3
-Fixed a few bugs in level 6-4
-Added more mechanics in level 6-castle
-Fixed a few bugs in the world 6 ambush levels
-Added background rock in level 7-1
-Made it possible to get all the red coins in level 7-2
-Added more lighting in the bonus room in level 7-2
-Added a new tileset
-Fixed Background rock in level 7-5
-Added more Apples in level 7-6
-New Object “Blue Loose Arrow”
-New Object “Devil Swoopers”
-New Object “Black Boxes”
-New Object “Brown Chained Platform”
-New Object “Orange Mecha Koopa”
-New Object “Blue Enemy Raft”
-New Object “Burnt Orange Door”
-Inserted new Yoshi Skins (from NewerSMBW)
-Fixed other minor bugs and added a few other things to various levels

Keep in mind that this may be the final version of this hack.

Thanks for playing!

"If anyone can get me the info I need from the original thread if you're a moderator or an owner of RVLution then please send me a PM (such as the missing changlog) and everything will all be sorted out.
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Posted on 05-22-17, 12:58 pm in nsmbw Cliff Super Mario Bros. Wii (rev. 2 by NightYoshi370 on 07-19-17, 07:38 pm)
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Did you forget the save files? Those are integral to playing this game.
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Posted on 05-23-17, 07:12 pm in nsmbw Cliff Super Mario Bros. Wii
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Amazing. I had to abuse Web archive and risk the loss of much of the potential that I already had, as well as the blood, sweat, tears, and soul I put into finding it. This will help so many people. :)
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Posted on 05-23-17, 09:34 pm in nsmbw Reggie & Reggie Next (rev. 1 by Mr. Zelda on 05-23-17, 09:35 pm)
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Here's an old level that I remastered 2 monthes ago. I know it sounds like this might be bad but I've received some good reception from this, so here you go:

(Also I behave like LeafyisHere at the beginning and stupid Elgato cut off a lot of my video)
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Posted on 05-28-17, 07:22 pm in ongoing NSMBW/NSMBU Level Contest!