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Hello! I am NightYoshi370, the administrator of Mario Making Mods. I know how to mod Super Mario Maker, Sonic Mania, and some other random games. I speak both English and French. I also know HTML, CSS, Javasript, Python & PHP. Stop on over if you need anything
Old 3DS XL info:
I used to have a 3DSafe A9LH V11.3.0-36U with Luma in my CTRNAND. Since ReiNAND Reibooted and Re-Reileased, I "switch"ed back.
Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.

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Lol these comments area mess




fucking ban me pls


how do i make a mod


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why do you even have that as ur title






Discord is oofline




No, I'm not, someone just dosn't understand sarcasm I guess.




You board sure am bad




Nah, this is super old and broken, I'm hoping for a new one later this year


Terraria has taken up my life but I need to come back here more. Though my PC being bad has hampered things.

Kirisame M

ayy i made a thread for 2day

Kirisame M

I will be there at that time since dst hasnt started here yet i think tht ur in gmt -6?

Kirisame M

hey join #KrymsonKrystalz on irc.esper.net when u can (pref. 3 15 pm gmt)
I have fixed the bug.

To explain more in depth, it was relating to a change I have previously made to the engine known as TimeAgo.
Lately, I've been trying to make things lightweight for users with old devices (well, old devices that support HTTPS. I'm not going to be supporting Dial-Up device :P), and there was one thing I was trying really hard to remove: The usage of jquery. It makes everything really laggy on older devices and it's one of those things that need to be removed. I've started the process by making TimeAgo use the no-jquery fork, which required me to remove the following bit of code:

    function () { 
        jQuery.timeago.settings.strings = {
            prefixAgo: '',
            prefixFromNow: '',
            suffixAgo: 'ago',
            suffixFromNow: 'from now',
            seconds: '%d seconds',
            minute: "%d minute",
            minutes: "%d minutes",
            hour: "%d hour",
            hours: "%d hours",
            day: "%d day",
            days: "%d days",
            month: "%d month",
            months: "%d months",
            year: "%d year",
            years: "%d years"
        //jQuery.timeago.settings.cutoff = 1000;
If you can read the code properly, you would notice the use of $(".spoilerbutton").click(toggleSpoiler);, which allows spoilers to be toggled. Since I didn't read the code correctly (was studying for school finals), I thought the entire function was jquery timeago and just removed it. However, when looking through the ABXD repository, I've noticed my mistake and have fixed it.

Thankfully, the other changes on that day were all carefully done, so I guess it was one rotten egg.
However, since it's a change to a CSS or a JS file, you'll need to reload your cache. On android, go to settings, apps, (web browser), remove cache. On Windows, do CTRL + F5. I'm not sure the command to do so on a Mac, so MoonlightCapital will let you know.

I am sorry for this whole mess, and I hope nothing like this happens in the future.
Posted on 01-20-19, 07:03 pm in Why do none of the "buttons" on this site work?
Seems like the spoilers button is broken. Though, it's weird, because I never touched the spoilers button. I'll open up my console log later today (it's 6:00 AM right now)

Also, the only other theme that have broken "download 3DS/Wii U themes" that I'm aware of is the themes by Louiskovoski, which still point to the now dead DSHack. I'll fix those once my Internet comes online, though do you mind telling me if you find some that don't work.

Speaking of spoilers, yeah, they're used for the wrong reasons. They shouldn't be used to hide links and stuff like that. While the spoilers should be fixed, I'm also going to edit some of the depot entries that use them because you shouldn't be using them like that.

Also, would you mind linking me to threads that you found spoilers in them for download links?
Posted on 01-20-19, 02:04 pm in Why do none of the "buttons" on this site work?
Wow, a month has gone by. Has anything changed at all about my stance of discord? Yes: I dislike it even more.

These people are one of the most biased staff members I have ever seen.

They ban people who dislike furries
They unban people who have nitro.

This kind of stuff needs to be shown to everyone. Unfortunately, when I tried showing it in the r/discordapp subreddit, a discord suckup was trying to stand his ground by ignoring everything I said and just assuming everything in this thread.

Also, I'd like to bring up a conflicting point made in the video: The guy states that you can't ban evade. Then why do they actively encourage it?
If it looks like I'm angry over this and I'm just an angry teenager, well, that's because I am. They keep on doing stuff like this and it's really irritating.

Also, they actively try to go against other people's privacy: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/316917324806356994/535398816120307722/unknown.png

Just, like, yikes from this service. Unfortunately, no one wants to switch over to anything else (rocketchat being a good example of underrated) so I guess we're stuck like this.
Posted on 01-17-19, 06:36 pm in Why I dislike Discord
Alright, I apologize for the delay, but here are Mario Making Mods's 2018 most votes!

First off, we have the award for most friendly. Apparently, 5 people consider me to be "friendly", even though I'm a jerk to people IRL. Though, no surprise to Samplasion getting 3 votes, he really is friendly
It's not a surprise either that he also won the award for Most Helpful. I mean, the guy helped me made CourseBot, so I'm loyal to him.
Buntendo has won the most creative award with 3 votes. Not surprised there either. Have you seen the work he has done for Vanilla Revamped
The award for Most Depressing goes to Explos with 2 votes, but this shouldn't even be an entry. Remind me to remove this for next year will you?
There is a tie for most missed between Louis.......god (no surprise. We're in 2019!) and MasterVermilli0n with 2 votes each
The best copycat award should have gone to 2014 me but I'm surprised Jamie has won it, and by 3 votes? wow.
What I am not surprised, though, is how tee won the most relaxed award with 2 votes. The guy is just naturally calm.
Well, what once was a staff member is now a regular member, so of course he would be the best. Hüseyin the Mighty has won the best regular member award with 3 votes.
I'm surprised I even made it onto this list. More importantly, I'm surprised I won "best staff member" with 4 votes, considering I suck at times. Though, second place goes to Buntendo with 3 votes. Sorry wrath.
I'm not surprised that people voted theninja1000 to be the best banned user with 4 votes. His actions were really derpy :P
While each username is cool and unique, there are three that have been voted to be the best: zachabossaloler, the bad ass echidna & Dynasty Lobster. I like them, especially "The Bad Ass Echidna".
This one is no surprise, seeing as how he has """"done it"""" before: GRAnimated would be the most likely to break the board with his post layout. Though, only those that witnessed the event voted, so that ended up with 2 votes
Best artist is no surprise either, because it's the same person as the most creative award and for the exact same reason: Buntendo has won the best artist award with 6 votes
However, do people really think that I'm a good programmer? Because that's what you guys think, though Samplasion and superwhiskers is also tied with me, with 3 votes.
Louiskovouski is known to come at random times. I'm glad the last time he came he updated his amazing mods
There's no surprise that I would have hath of the boards posts in one year. I mean, it's been done the previous year, and that's what 5 of you think as well
Louis also showed up once and just disappeared forever, so that award goes to him alongside Milky88.
Surprisingly, Buntendo isn't the only shitposter: Hüseyin the Mighty slowly follows with 2 votes.
Seeing as how Huseyin was a leader of MMM before, there's no surprise that he would be the best potential leader, with two votes.
MoonlightCapital would also be most likely to go from banned to overlord with 2 votes.
TheNawab is the best level designer with 2 votes. Like, have you seen his Kaizo levels? He's also most likely to create a level with a 0.01% clear rate, with 5 votes. That should tell you how difficult his levels are.
Toms would be the type of person to die at the last second of these kaizo levels without touching a checkpoint.
Buntendo wins the award for Best Mod Maker, yet again.
Posted on 01-08-19, 06:14 am in Mario Making Mods - Most Votes 2018
[7:08 PM] Reggie: @Buntendo I don't recommend hosting images on discord
[7:08 PM] Buntendo: o
[7:08 PM] Reggie: use imgur
[7:08 PM] Buntendo: no imgay
[7:08 PM] Buntendo: Wait no
[7:08 PM] Buntendo: Duck
[7:08 PM] Buntendo: Fuck
[7:09 PM] Reggie: fuck a duck?
[7:09 PM] Buntendo: Don’t pin that or I’ll ban young
[7:09 PM] Buntendo: Ban you
[7:09 PM] Buntendo: Duck mobile
[7:09 PM] Buntendo: I mean I won’t really ban you but
Reggie pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins.12/22/2018
[7:09 PM] Buntendo: Fuck
[7:09 PM] Reggie: a duck
Buntendo has been quite sexual lately :eyes:
Posted on 12-31-18, 03:19 am in The Quotes Thread
Alright, it seems like you've been listening to my critisizm, because I really enjoy this level. In fact, before I have given you 20 negatives per level. Now I only have two.

1. after the underground area, why does luigi go through a pipe? You should use the jumping entrance
2. Why do you need to power boost in order to get the third star coin if you aren't fire mario? You should put it somewhere else.
Posted on 12-30-18, 08:36 pm in nslu custom level Acorn Plains
Ah, that's just a flat out lie: https://imgur.com/cmGzw4E

I'd also like to mention another way they are unproffesional: They actively encourage making new accounts, instead of, ya know, reactivating the old ones (the one with all the friends and messages under the account) even though they are flat out aware that they're wrong.

Also, more instance if the no fun aloud thingy: https://imgur.com/a/IWndDv9

Just, yikes from this company. I wonder why I even joined this service in the first place.

Edit: Since I'm gonna be posting this on the r/discordapp reddit page after I update MakerBoard, I figured I might as well add one last bit of information on how ban-happy they are:
Look at the post made by SargentD.
I don't think I need to explain why that's wrong
Posted on 12-30-18, 03:54 am in Why I dislike Discord (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 12-30-18, 05:54 pm)
Well, I get what you're saying noirscape, but I got some new information regarding Discord and the underage stuff: If you ever joke about being underage, you will get banned, even though they are fully aware that you're joking. And wouldn't you know, Toms was right: They send the same copypaste message to every member. This isn't even the first time they did this, but they try to cover it up.

What's worse: they permanently deleted all the old accounts by now. Goodbye Toms, RicBent & Explos's old account. All because one person decided to be lazy and instead of throughly investigating, just banned everyone in one server, even though some of them didn't even raid
Posted on 12-28-18, 11:04 pm in Why I dislike Discord
Um, what's the difference?
Posted on 12-24-18, 05:23 pm in My first attempt at using Gatete's engine
Well, for Reggie, you should just use Reggie Next made by MasterVermilli0n, found on his Github
Posted on 12-24-18, 05:18 pm in General New & NewerSMBW Modding Tools
- Most friendly: Samplasion
- Most helpful: Samplasion, Hüseyin the Mighty
- Most creative: Buntendo, Gatete
- Most depressing: explos, MoonlightCapital, MasterVermilli0n
- Most missed: god, Louis
- Best copycat: IceFairyAmy, theninja1000
- Most relaxed: tee, Yoshubs

- Best regular user: Hüseyin the Mighty
- Best staff member: Buntendo
- Best banned user: theninja1000

- Best username: zachabossaloler, The Bad Ass Echidna, Dynasty Lobster
- Best avatar: GRAnimated
- Best post layout: Hüseyin the Mighty
- Most likely to break the board with their post layout: GRAnimated
- Best bio: Buntendo

- Best artist: Buntendo
- Best programmer Samplasion, superwhiskers
- Laziest: GRAnimated
- Most likely to start a ton of projects and never finish them: GRAnimated

- Most likely to appear at random: Toms, Louis
- Most likely to start a posting spree: Mr.M0d (ModMaker)
- Most likely to have half of the board's posts in one year: Mr.M0d (ModMaker)
- Most likely to get promoted: Epic_stuff
- Most likely to show up once then disappear forever: MasterVermilli0n, Louis
- Best Shitposter: Buntendo, Mr.M0d (ModMaker)

- Most likely to hack the board: explos
- Best potential leader: Hüseyin the Mighty
- Most likely to go from banned to overlord: MoonlightCapital

- Best level designer: TheNawab
- Best Mod Maker: Buntendo, Lakifume
- Most likely to make a level with a 0.01% clear rate: TheNawab
- Most likely to die at the last second without a checkpoint: Toms
- Most likely to spamvertise their custom theme: tee
Posted on 12-18-18, 11:48 pm in Mario Making Mods - Most Votes 2018 (rev. 5 by NightYoshi370 on 12-30-18, 02:10 am)
Yeah, I mean the 30th. My bad.
But yeah, the bug has already been fixed, just that people need to update their profile now.
Posted on 12-06-18, 03:29 pm in What's happening?
You think this entire thread is only talking about the raid? That's a dumb association to come to, considering its much more.

(Also, thanks to you, I found a little big with "Thread Review" on mobile.)

In the post right above yours, it states that someone was accused to be "underage" based off "investigation". It also states allthefoxes is a ban happy cunt.

I'm sick of the way discord treats people. Heck, you guys should try out Rocket.Chat. It looks really decent
Posted on 12-06-18, 03:06 pm in Why I dislike Discord
The message Bent received was also automated as i got the same exact message from them.

Word. For. Word
Oh, they send that for everyone (Source). It's sad that they can't even treat it's own users as human beings, that's how much of a monopoly they've turned out to be.
I had no clue of the incident going on at the time and I got banned for pretty much "Guilty by Association".
They did the exact same thing to RicBent which just really annoys me. The worst part is, that while you and Ric are kept banned, Gimzie recently got unbanned even though he was way more guilty than the rest of the group.
I honestly can't recommend using their service after seeing how poorly long time users are treated
They treat everyone like shit. Heck, one of the main Discord staff is just a ban happy cunt. The fact that discord keeps him even though r/gaming demoted him just says how lazy they are. Not like any of the other staff team are any better:

I'm extremely fed up with Discord in general. I've been coming to know a lot about the staff members (due to having been in a server that's closely affiliated with them).
For example, there's staff members that immediately nuke your whole account if you even ping them once.

For me, my entire remains of my discord only depends on whether I want to abandon MMM or not, since people ( Buntendo is an example) are way too stuck up to Discord.
Last night, after Oman DMd me about a service called RocketChat, I went and asked GRAnimated what they think of it. He called it meh, even though it's basically Discord but has actual themes and self-hosted.

Oh, and by the way, they follow European law about underage. What's the problem? they actively enforce that. If you are caught to have an underage person on your discord server, they will ban you. I understand to take it out on the member themself but to take it out on a server owner? Who told them to do that? It's just unjust, and so is everything that's happened so far.
Posted on 12-06-18, 05:16 am in Why I dislike Discord (rev. 2 by NightYoshi370 on 01-01-19, 07:21 am)

[8:41 PM] NightYoshi370: What do you think of this song?
[8:42 PM] Buntendo: makes me want to fart to the rthytm of smb2 overworld
Posted on 12-06-18, 04:43 am in The Quotes Thread (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 12-06-18, 04:44 am)
Welcome to the Mario Making Mods 2018 Mosts Voting, the place where you can nominate your friend for fun awards. For each of the listed categories, you basically vote for users who would fit the category the best.

The Mosts are something we do mostly for fun. Do not take the votes too seriously. That doesn't mean you must submit silly crap, either. Just don't go and jump off a cliff because you don't like the Mosts' results.

- You may vote for a maximum of 3 users per category.
- You may vote for a given user in multiple categories.
- You may skip categories.
- You may not vote for yourself. Any such votes will be ignored.
- This thread is for voting to the Mosts. The occasional discussion will be tolerated but offtopic posts will be deleted.
- Voting will be closed on the 26th of December 2018. Results will be posted shortly afterwards.


Most friendly
Most helpful
Most creative
Most depressing
Most missed
Best copycat
Most relaxed

Best regular user
Best staff member
Best banned user (do not nominate tempbanned users)

Best username
Best avatar
Best post layout
Most likely to break the board with their post layout
Best bio

Best artist
Best programmer
Most likely to start a ton of projects and never finish them

Most likely to appear at random
Most likely to start a posting spree
Most likely to have half of the board's posts in one year
Most likely to get promoted
Most likely to show up once then disappear forever
Best Shitposter

Most likely to hack the board
Best potential leader
Most likely to go from banned to overlord

Best level designer
Best Mod Maker
Most likely to make a level with a 0.01% clear rate
Most likely to die at the last second without a checkpoint
Most likely to spamvertise their custom theme

Have fun! ;)

Credits to StapleButter who made most of the list
Posted on 12-05-18, 07:01 am in Mario Making Mods - Most Votes 2018 (rev. 3 by NightYoshi370 on 12-23-18, 09:13 pm)
So I'm flat out sick of discord and it's unfairness.

On December 3rd, 2018, there has been a mass banning of multiple members such as RicBent, shibboleet, Gimzie, naknow, newluigidev, Explos & Toms. Sounds familiar? These are the Super Mario Bros. Next developers.
The reason for all above members is that they "Violated the Discord TOS", yet that's not the case for most.

On December 1st, 2018, there has been a meme created by shibboleet that originated from MarioMaster's discord server. Basically, a bunch of users would change their name and avatar to "egbog". Some members decided to raid other servers with this new meme, in which the MMM discord server and the Horizon discord server were hit as well. The only person from the SMBNext development team that raided servers was Gimzie. Toms, Explos and the others didn't raid servers, and shibbo actively told others to not raid servers. Heck, RicBent wasn't aware of all what has happening, because he didn't even look inside the server for weeks. Though, that doesn't matter to the shameful Discord developers because some guy somehow got into the server and mass-reported everyone inside of it. The result? A bunch of people were banned (including some who left afterwards).

The worst thing of all this is how Discord handled it. So far, the only ban I think is *somewhat* justified is Gimzie's ban but that's because he raided. The rest however.....
According to the email RicBent got, it clearly states that a human (and not a bot) looked into the whole situation and found him guilty of breaking the TOS. Really? If they did really do their research, then why didn't they see that RicBent did nothing wrong? Why didn't they see that shibbo said that they should stop raiding? If RicBent really did violate the TOS, why didn't they explain *what* he broke in the email that he recieved.
Worst of all, the SMBNext team needed to make an entirely new server just because of this, because the owner of the server (Explos) got banned and huseyin was only a moderator, which means that they couldn't get their server back.

So RicBent tried to communicate with the discord three times on Twitter. He finally got a response...that he needed to do it via email. Why did they just avoid the question? I understand that it isn't your department, but you could have had it forwarded to your TOS handle team or whatever. It doesn't even matter, because they didn't even reply to the emails Gimzie & Toms sent to them.

But at last, they finally responded to RicBent's email. You thought they could redo their "investigation", but nope. You would expect the same treatment for everyone else, but that's not what happened.
Shibboleet, a user who owns Discord Nitro, is the only account that got unbanned out of this whole mess. Though, RicBent did literally nothing and yet he's still banned. That's preferism to the core. Like, how can that be justified?

Let's give a shortened down version of the issues with the Discord Team: They ban accounts for no reason, they fail to give legitimate support to their customers and are biased towards Nitro users

Should I add more to this list? Sure.

Plus, not to mention, here's an announcement noirscape made on the FreeShop discord server:
@everyone - hey guys. Sorry for the ping so early in the morning, but this is really important for your safety if you live in the United States.

In the new Discord TOS Update, they **added an arbitration clause in it** that evoked your right to sue Discord (you must go through an arbitrator) and to congregate as a class action lawsuit.

While you can find the exact clauses in the gist below, what you _should_ be doing right __***now***__ is sending an email to `arbitration-opt-out@discord.com` from the _registered email on your discord account_, saying you want to opt-out. I'd also recommend including your username/discriminator and ID in the email. Deleting your account will not opt you out of these terms

__Why does this matter?__

Without the ability to congregate for a class action lawsuit, if Discord ever leaks your data or does something catastrophically bad to a large portion of the population you have no way to representatively sue together without each of you individually suing via the arbitrator.

__Why should I care? Other companies do it too!__

By learning about this I hope that you will be more conscious about these arbitration clauses and how anti-consumer they are. You can't change the past, but you surely can't predict the future either.

**Exact clauses:** <https://gist.github.com/Rapptz/c93697c9d59ec2f0d8071b7d0e907632> (credits to Rapptz/Danny from discord.py)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in #general
The fact that you can't sue them (without an arbitrator) is nonsense, especially considering they're the ones that fucked up.

I've had my own fair share of bullshit with discord too. My numerous bug reports were invalidated because "they're Windows 7 exclusive". In fact, they're the reason I upgraded to W10 in the first place: to avoid some of the bugs I had.

They keep on actively screwing its own userbase by adding in random nonsense (like the game store aka them trying to be a monopoly) instead of sticking to their promises. The worst part is, they laugh about their shitty practices on their Twitter. For example: the Light Theme.
It's completely unreadable and really hurts the eyes. So what do they do? Instead of fixing it or replacing it, they joke about how you would need a bunch of sunglasses in order to see it. It's worse than Mother 3 & Nintendo, because when the fans made a Mother 3 translation mod and Nintendo found out about it, they didn't kill the project. Discord? They say that using a modification to the client or enabling features that they purposely disabled (embeds on normal messages without links) is a bannable offense.

Overall, while Discord might look easy to use compared to traditional forums (like Mario Making Mods), they also come at a risk of trying to ingulf you and try to get full control over you. I'm still going to stay on discord, but that's because I can't just abandon the discord server like that. Plus, who's not to say that I'm not gonna be pushing out an update pretty soon that converts this entire website to use Bootstrap 4 (which should, in turn, make using the website much more easier)?

If you want an easy to use chat platform, just use IRC. It's open, self-hostable and has a multitude of clients (including a web client. The only way you can get that on Discord is through TitanEmbeds, which isn't that great).
Posted on 12-05-18, 01:56 am in Why I dislike Discord (rev. 2 by NightYoshi370 on 01-01-19, 10:03 pm)
Ok, I have a bunch of cool things to say and some not so great critisizm.

The red font on the red and black gradient isn't so nice. I can see what you tried to do (twilight doom so you need red) but I feel like it should be simply black.

I think you should make it so that the grass doesn't take up hath of the titlescreen.

The text is decent, but I think you should try and change the bg so that it's Princess Toadstool's castle.

Decent, but maybe add decorations?

With a slope like that, I think you should add a wing'd koopa troopa.

Well, this adds a nice sense of realism to Mario. Though, it would have been cool if it were a different tile.
Also, you should make the mid-way point be on the ground instead of floating.

So this is a nice idea. I think it can be improved upon.
Have the charging chuck on the semi-solid instead of the slope. Have the koopa on the other semi-solid as well
You can also add a little yoshi coin in-between the two sets of coins

I think you should make the bridges two tiles long instead of one tile. Controls in SMW aren't like controls in NSMBW (where you have the triple jump) so not making this kaizo-like would be nice.
You make one small mistake in your alignment? You fall straight into lava and have to go all the way back to the beginning, which is frustrating
Atleast this isn't a sonic game, where stuff like this will impact your speed, and speed with precision do not go together.

I think you should make the bg and the tiles different colors. It's a bit hard to tell which one is which.

In 0:14, I think you should make the sloped semisolid at least one pixel away from the pipe.

I completely disagree with 0:32. You need to try and land on a one-tile moving koopa troopa....twice.
I understand that you're trying to do a shortcut for skill full players, but due to the way the SMW camera is, it can frustrate players.
Not to mention, right below it is water. That would be fine if the transition from water back to land made sense. In this case, you need to hit an invisible block to get up to high ground only to go back to low ground later.
Why not just make a sloped surface between the water and the low ground? Would be cool to see Mario try to avoid a charging chuck while trying to get out of the water.

Then, the part right afterwards is a flying hammer bro, directly at ground level. Why not make it slightly raised?
In the next room, you have a room in which you need to throw blocks to get rid of the blockage. Though, I don't think throwable blocks is that good.
Instead, how about a P switch you can get by killing the flying hammer bro, getting on top of the flying blocks, jumping onto a sloped semisolid and hitting a block which contains the switch.
Or how about using Yoshi? I think you can break blocks using a (red) yoshi and a (red) koopa troopa. I could be wrong, but I think it's do-able.

1:03 is a nono in my books. You have to wait quite a bit in order to pass through. I don't really like waiting for a while for stale objects in platformers. I don't care about waiting for moving platforms, cause those serve a purpose
Why not do what 1-1 did and have space between the two pipes. You can even add a slope now due to the seperativeness, and even add a goomba in between.
Same for 3:03

Anyways, this is a pretty solid hack. Good job. I give this an 8/10 from what I see so far
Posted on 12-02-18, 10:59 pm in released Super Mario - The Twilight Doom
The option hasn't been removed.

It can be found at https://mariomods.net/editprofile/
Posted on 11-30-18, 08:44 pm in I have a problem with the forums theme
It is a bug, and I already fixed it for new users. However, I didn't want to update other users because what if their birthday truly is November 31st?
Posted on 11-30-18, 12:57 pm in What's happening?