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Hello! I am NightYoshi370, the administrator of Mario Making Mods. I know how to mod Super Mario Maker, Sonic Mania, and some other random games. I speak both English and French. I also know HTML, CSS, Javasript, Python & PHP. Stop on over if you need anything
Old 3DS XL info:
I used to have a 3DSafe A9LH V11.3.0-36U with Luma in my CTRNAND. Since ReiNAND Reibooted and Re-Reileased, I "switch"ed back.
Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.

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Here's a sample post. Hope you're excited.
ooooh yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hello there everyone. Welcome back to Mod Mondays, and today, we've got a special mod for you. To celebrate DeltaRune coming to the Switch, we've decided to show off TanookidGamer's brand new mod, which brings Undertale and Deltarune over to Super Mario Maker.

Discussion thread: undertaledeltarunecostumewii usmb1 Undermaker
Posted on 02-19-19, 04:10 am in UnderMaker Video Showcase - Mario Making Mods Mod Mondays
Didn't The Mario Modder make this exact mod?
Posted on 02-17-19, 03:23 pm in +acorn tree NSMBU Acorn Plains ported to SMM

Hello everyone, NightYoshi370 here and today, we're here to bring you a level made in Gatete's Mario Engine: Waterfall Caverns. Made by Gatete himself, this level will take Mario through an adventure through the dangerous caves with water gushing from above. This also showcases the frog suit and the penguin suit water abilities.
Posted on 02-16-19, 12:19 am in Gatete's Mario Engine: Waterfall Caverns
Hello everyone, greetings from a jolly NightYoshi370. You wanna ask why I'm jolly? Well, Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch JUST got announced in the latest Nintendo Direct, planned to be released in June 2019! It features a ton of new things, like Luigi, Toad, Angry Suns, Slopes and an entire new theme. Naturally, just as we accepted Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS, we will be accepting Super Mario Maker 2. However, unlike the inclusion of Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS, this one will need to bring a few changes.

First off, the Style & Theme search from the Depot will be completely removed, as unlike SMM3DS, there are more themes (Snow) and styles (Super Mario 3D World) added into the game, and I'd like to no longer hardcode things any longer (MakerBoard will be featured on other websites too once it is ready). Not to mention, it was confusing for a lot of new visitors.
Second off, due to the different changes, I'll be doing some changes to the forum infer-structure (The changes were much needed either way, as it was messy and clunky).
Third off, I'll be assigning local-moderators to moderate the forums:

NightYoshi370 will be in charge of moderating mainly the Super Mario Maker for 3DS forum, as well as Super Mario ReMaker.
Buntendo will be in charge of moderating mainly the Super Mario Maker 2 forum, as well as the End of Servers forum.
wrathsoffire76 will be in charge of moderating mainly the General Discussion area.
The only two local moderators who won't be changing are MarioSilva & Gatete, who will still be in charge of moderating only their subsequent fangames

I hope you enjoy this announcement, as there are more to come
Posted on 02-13-19, 11:26 pm in Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch announced
You could link your channel alongside your videos here too
Posted on 02-12-19, 01:09 am in Timer Edit ?

I do not like this mod at all

First off, the ground is just the overworld ground but recolored
Second off, the semi-solid have pieces from the other semi-solid on the right side. You must have shifted a pixel
Third off, there are way too many inconsistencies and cutoffs with this tileset.
Fourth off, the pipes are way too saturated, and not the right kind of saturation.
Posted on 02-11-19, 05:42 am in Beach Tileset NSMBU.
You could just edit the original post for the credits.
Also, can you post a screenshot or something so we can see it for ourselves?
Posted on 02-10-19, 07:37 pm in Beach Tileset NSMBU.
So, what's the difference?
Posted on 02-10-19, 02:42 am in smm wii u NSMBU Overworld 2 Background ported to SMM
I have fixed the bug.

To explain more in depth, it was relating to a change I have previously made to the engine known as TimeAgo.
Lately, I've been trying to make things lightweight for users with old devices (well, old devices that support HTTPS. I'm not going to be supporting Dial-Up device :P), and there was one thing I was trying really hard to remove: The usage of jquery. It makes everything really laggy on older devices and it's one of those things that need to be removed. I've started the process by making TimeAgo use the no-jquery fork, which required me to remove the following bit of code:

    function () { 
        jQuery.timeago.settings.strings = {
            prefixAgo: '',
            prefixFromNow: '',
            suffixAgo: 'ago',
            suffixFromNow: 'from now',
            seconds: '%d seconds',
            minute: "%d minute",
            minutes: "%d minutes",
            hour: "%d hour",
            hours: "%d hours",
            day: "%d day",
            days: "%d days",
            month: "%d month",
            months: "%d months",
            year: "%d year",
            years: "%d years"
        //jQuery.timeago.settings.cutoff = 1000;
If you can read the code properly, you would notice the use of $(".spoilerbutton").click(toggleSpoiler);, which allows spoilers to be toggled. Since I didn't read the code correctly (was studying for school finals), I thought the entire function was jquery timeago and just removed it. However, when looking through the ABXD repository, I've noticed my mistake and have fixed it.

Thankfully, the other changes on that day were all carefully done, so I guess it was one rotten egg.
However, since it's a change to a CSS or a JS file, you'll need to reload your cache. On android, go to settings, apps, (web browser), remove cache. On Windows, do CTRL + F5. I'm not sure the command to do so on a Mac, so MoonlightCapital will let you know.

I am sorry for this whole mess, and I hope nothing like this happens in the future.
Posted on 01-20-19, 07:03 pm in Why do none of the "buttons" on this site work?
Seems like the spoilers button is broken. Though, it's weird, because I never touched the spoilers button. I'll open up my console log later today (it's 6:00 AM right now)

Also, the only other theme that have broken "download 3DS/Wii U themes" that I'm aware of is the themes by Louiskovoski, which still point to the now dead DSHack. I'll fix those once my Internet comes online, though do you mind telling me if you find some that don't work.

Speaking of spoilers, yeah, they're used for the wrong reasons. They shouldn't be used to hide links and stuff like that. While the spoilers should be fixed, I'm also going to edit some of the depot entries that use them because you shouldn't be using them like that.

Also, would you mind linking me to threads that you found spoilers in them for download links?
Posted on 01-20-19, 02:04 pm in Why do none of the "buttons" on this site work?
Wow, a month has gone by. Has anything changed at all about my stance of discord? Yes: I dislike it even more.

These people are one of the most biased staff members I have ever seen.

They ban people who dislike furries
They unban people who have nitro.

This kind of stuff needs to be shown to everyone. Unfortunately, when I tried showing it in the r/discordapp subreddit, a discord suckup was trying to stand his ground by ignoring everything I said and just assuming everything in this thread.

Also, I'd like to bring up a conflicting point made in the video: The guy states that you can't ban evade. Then why do they actively encourage it?
If it looks like I'm angry over this and I'm just an angry teenager, well, that's because I am. They keep on doing stuff like this and it's really irritating.

Also, they actively try to go against other people's privacy: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/316917324806356994/535398816120307722/unknown.png

Just, like, yikes from this service. Unfortunately, no one wants to switch over to anything else (rocketchat being a good example of underrated) so I guess we're stuck like this.
Posted on 01-17-19, 06:36 pm in Why I dislike Discord
Alright, I apologize for the delay, but here are Mario Making Mods's 2018 most votes!

First off, we have the award for most friendly. Apparently, 5 people consider me to be "friendly", even though I'm a jerk to people IRL. Though, no surprise to Samplasion getting 3 votes, he really is friendly
It's not a surprise either that he also won the award for Most Helpful. I mean, the guy helped me made CourseBot, so I'm loyal to him.
Buntendo has won the most creative award with 3 votes. Not surprised there either. Have you seen the work he has done for Vanilla Revamped
The award for Most Depressing goes to Explos with 2 votes, but this shouldn't even be an entry. Remind me to remove this for next year will you?
There is a tie for most missed between Louis.......god (no surprise. We're in 2019!) and MasterVermilli0n with 2 votes each
The best copycat award should have gone to 2014 me but I'm surprised Jamie has won it, and by 3 votes? wow.
What I am not surprised, though, is how tee won the most relaxed award with 2 votes. The guy is just naturally calm.
Well, what once was a staff member is now a regular member, so of course he would be the best. Hüseyin the Mighty has won the best regular member award with 3 votes.
I'm surprised I even made it onto this list. More importantly, I'm surprised I won "best staff member" with 4 votes, considering I suck at times. Though, second place goes to Buntendo with 3 votes. Sorry wrath.
I'm not surprised that people voted theninja1000 to be the best banned user with 4 votes. His actions were really derpy :P
While each username is cool and unique, there are three that have been voted to be the best: zachabossaloler, the bad ass echidna & Dynasty Lobster. I like them, especially "The Bad Ass Echidna".
This one is no surprise, seeing as how he has """"done it"""" before: GRAnimated would be the most likely to break the board with his post layout. Though, only those that witnessed the event voted, so that ended up with 2 votes
Best artist is no surprise either, because it's the same person as the most creative award and for the exact same reason: Buntendo has won the best artist award with 6 votes
However, do people really think that I'm a good programmer? Because that's what you guys think, though Samplasion and superwhiskers is also tied with me, with 3 votes.
Louiskovouski is known to come at random times. I'm glad the last time he came he updated his amazing mods
There's no surprise that I would have hath of the boards posts in one year. I mean, it's been done the previous year, and that's what 5 of you think as well
Louis also showed up once and just disappeared forever, so that award goes to him alongside Milky88.
Surprisingly, Buntendo isn't the only shitposter: Hüseyin the Mighty slowly follows with 2 votes.
Seeing as how Huseyin was a leader of MMM before, there's no surprise that he would be the best potential leader, with two votes.
MoonlightCapital would also be most likely to go from banned to overlord with 2 votes.
TheNawab is the best level designer with 2 votes. Like, have you seen his Kaizo levels? He's also most likely to create a level with a 0.01% clear rate, with 5 votes. That should tell you how difficult his levels are.
Toms would be the type of person to die at the last second of these kaizo levels without touching a checkpoint.
Buntendo wins the award for Best Mod Maker, yet again.
Posted on 01-08-19, 06:14 am in Mario Making Mods - Most Votes 2018
[7:08 PM] Reggie: @Buntendo I don't recommend hosting images on discord
[7:08 PM] Buntendo: o
[7:08 PM] Reggie: use imgur
[7:08 PM] Buntendo: no imgay
[7:08 PM] Buntendo: Wait no
[7:08 PM] Buntendo: Duck
[7:08 PM] Buntendo: Fuck
[7:09 PM] Reggie: fuck a duck?
[7:09 PM] Buntendo: Don’t pin that or I’ll ban young
[7:09 PM] Buntendo: Ban you
[7:09 PM] Buntendo: Duck mobile
[7:09 PM] Buntendo: I mean I won’t really ban you but
Reggie pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins.12/22/2018
[7:09 PM] Buntendo: Fuck
[7:09 PM] Reggie: a duck
Buntendo has been quite sexual lately :eyes:
Posted on 12-31-18, 03:19 am in The Quotes Thread
Alright, it seems like you've been listening to my critisizm, because I really enjoy this level. In fact, before I have given you 20 negatives per level. Now I only have two.

1. after the underground area, why does luigi go through a pipe? You should use the jumping entrance
2. Why do you need to power boost in order to get the third star coin if you aren't fire mario? You should put it somewhere else.
Posted on 12-30-18, 08:36 pm in nslu custom level Acorn Plains
Ah, that's just a flat out lie: https://imgur.com/cmGzw4E

I'd also like to mention another way they are unproffesional: They actively encourage making new accounts, instead of, ya know, reactivating the old ones (the one with all the friends and messages under the account) even though they are flat out aware that they're wrong.

Also, more instance if the no fun aloud thingy: https://imgur.com/a/IWndDv9

Just, yikes from this company. I wonder why I even joined this service in the first place.

Edit: Since I'm gonna be posting this on the r/discordapp reddit page after I update MakerBoard, I figured I might as well add one last bit of information on how ban-happy they are:
Look at the post made by SargentD.
I don't think I need to explain why that's wrong
Posted on 12-30-18, 03:54 am in Why I dislike Discord (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 12-30-18, 05:54 pm)
Well, I get what you're saying noirscape, but I got some new information regarding Discord and the underage stuff: If you ever joke about being underage, you will get banned, even though they are fully aware that you're joking. And wouldn't you know, Toms was right: They send the same copypaste message to every member. This isn't even the first time they did this, but they try to cover it up.

What's worse: they permanently deleted all the old accounts by now. Goodbye Toms, RicBent & Explos's old account. All because one person decided to be lazy and instead of throughly investigating, just banned everyone in one server, even though some of them didn't even raid
Posted on 12-28-18, 11:04 pm in Why I dislike Discord
Um, what's the difference?
Posted on 12-24-18, 05:23 pm in My first attempt at using Gatete's engine
Well, for Reggie, you should just use Reggie Next made by MasterVermilli0n, found on his Github
Posted on 12-24-18, 05:18 pm in General New & NewerSMBW Modding Tools
- Most friendly: Samplasion
- Most helpful: Samplasion, Hüseyin the Mighty
- Most creative: Buntendo, Gatete
- Most depressing: explos, MoonlightCapital, MasterVermilli0n
- Most missed: god, Louis
- Best copycat: IceFairyAmy, theninja1000
- Most relaxed: tee, Yoshubs

- Best regular user: Hüseyin the Mighty
- Best staff member: Buntendo
- Best banned user: theninja1000

- Best username: zachabossaloler, The Bad Ass Echidna, Dynasty Lobster
- Best avatar: GRAnimated
- Best post layout: Hüseyin the Mighty
- Most likely to break the board with their post layout: GRAnimated
- Best bio: Buntendo

- Best artist: Buntendo
- Best programmer Samplasion, superwhiskers
- Laziest: GRAnimated
- Most likely to start a ton of projects and never finish them: GRAnimated

- Most likely to appear at random: Toms, Louis
- Most likely to start a posting spree: Mr.M0d (ModMaker)
- Most likely to have half of the board's posts in one year: Mr.M0d (ModMaker)
- Most likely to get promoted: Epic_stuff
- Most likely to show up once then disappear forever: MasterVermilli0n, Louis
- Best Shitposter: Buntendo, Mr.M0d (ModMaker)

- Most likely to hack the board: explos
- Best potential leader: Hüseyin the Mighty
- Most likely to go from banned to overlord: MoonlightCapital

- Best level designer: TheNawab
- Best Mod Maker: Buntendo, Lakifume
- Most likely to make a level with a 0.01% clear rate: TheNawab
- Most likely to die at the last second without a checkpoint: Toms
- Most likely to spamvertise their custom theme: tee
Posted on 12-18-18, 11:48 pm in Mario Making Mods - Most Votes 2018 (rev. 5 by NightYoshi370 on 12-30-18, 02:10 am)
Yeah, I mean the 30th. My bad.
But yeah, the bug has already been fixed, just that people need to update their profile now.
Posted on 12-06-18, 03:29 pm in What's happening?