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Hello! I am NightYoshi370, the administrator of Mario Making Mods. I know how to mod Super Mario Maker, Sonic Mania, and some other random games. I speak both English and French. I also know HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python & PHP. Stop on over if you need anything
Old 3DS XL info:
I used to have a 3DSafe A9LH V11.3.0-36U with Luma in my CTRNAND. Since ReiNAND Reibooted and Re-Reileased, I "switch"ed back.
Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.

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Thanks ! Will start really soon :)


Can i help with the wiki ? Tools could be posted here, and there could be a tutorial index for each game pointing to forum posts.


sure I'll try, btw i invited garonguy and stupidmariobros1fan


Actual NSMBW ideas : https://pastebin.com/7xsUc3iY


Thanks :D


Ask away


also don't worry I have like 2 years of knowledge of how a forum works all the way to rvlution before it got shut down






ta-da I guess


oops didn't see that I'm blind


Hello ^^


Here's a sample post. Hope you're excited.
ooooh yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
One question: Why?
Posted on 04-23-19, 02:47 am in Cursed Project 3U
Its either in the A2D folder or the actual CTPK file. Why not extract the files and check?
Posted on 04-22-19, 10:41 pm in 3DS NSMBU Background editing?
I think you just edit it like the other backgrounds
Posted on 04-22-19, 10:20 pm in 3DS NSMBU Background editing?
You should use Kuriimu.

It has a GUI for easy usage
Posted on 04-22-19, 03:51 am in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
Maybe you can make a Mario and Luigi mod, which replaces all 4 themes?
Posted on 04-19-19, 02:08 am in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 04-19-19, 02:08 am)
It'd be nice if you turned those ExGFX into actual game themes. That'd be really cool.

Also, no one ever uses the SMB3 underwater theme :P
Posted on 04-17-19, 07:47 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
Yeah, the one who did it was Daniel T. Then there's a whole lot of drama surrounding its cancelation which is not something I want to delve on in public.
Posted on 04-17-19, 07:20 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
Uhh, there has been multiple. One by someone who's username I can't remember, and one by tee and others.
Incorrect: tee has not made a beta theme
Posted on 04-17-19, 07:12 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
The beta theme has not been done at all since the original team who did Beta Revived disabandoned the ship. I think it'd be nice if you could do it then.
Posted on 04-17-19, 02:52 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
This is an outdated tutorial and only works on single channeled music.
You should follow wii u3ds How to make single- and multichanneled Music for SMMWiiU/3DS instead
Posted on 04-16-19, 07:41 pm in tutorial How to make custom single-channeled music
Please stop making dumb and useless threads.
Posted on 04-15-19, 10:51 pm in Who's your best friend you've lost?
Well, I'll move it for neoarc. Although, yeah, General Chatter will be going to the bin soon.
Posted on 04-14-19, 04:29 pm in I'm not so active
Do you have the update installed?
Posted on 04-14-19, 04:18 pm in v1.2 out!download fixed! Super Mario Bros All-Stars
The tileset image has died. Can you reupload it elsewhere?
Posted on 04-01-19, 05:30 am in slice night smw theme
This mod showcase is of an undertale one.
Also, bendy? What?
Posted on 04-01-19, 03:21 am in UnderMaker Video Showcase - Mario Making Mods Mod Mondays
Can you show us any screenshots of this map pack?
Posted on 03-31-19, 03:44 pm in New Map Pack Soon
There was a bug with saving themes. I fixed it a while back though
Posted on 03-25-19, 12:01 am in Content_Pack

Hello everyone, and welcome back to yet another Fangame Fridays showcase. NightYoshi370 here, and today, we're going to look at an introductory level MarioMario369 made on our forums.

Link to thread: Block Hills
Posted on 03-23-19, 12:58 am in Welcome to Unimaker! Mario Making Mods Fangame Friday
This mod is apparently dead, so I'll close this.

Something newer will come though, so be on the lookout for that. (Or atleast, something newer was supposed to come. Dang, I haven't been on Discord in a while)
Posted on 03-20-19, 02:30 pm in nsmbu Other Super Mario Bros. U
We will not provide support with ISO's. Please use Riivolution and the likes.

Posted on 03-20-19, 02:26 pm in I need help with wii-scrubbing newer levels to my iso