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Hi, Im Koopartist (also known as alot of other stuff) and Im.. a guy..
I used to be real active on rvlution.net (may it R.I.P) back in 2013, there I mainly made artsy stuff hence my name.
Now I've returned, and I mainly hack nsmbu, so... yay

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Happy birthday!




on the board etc.


I was asking the same I just helped Maor and such and... well, that, lol


Are you still on image designing?


General Hacking forum


and even I still use them, haha


I have the three avatars you have made me, lol, not sure how I still have them but I do


haha, you're right!


You're welcome!


wew, haven't seen you in a long time, remember me? I'm 8JeDaYoshi8


Hi me o/

Newer Super Mario All-Stars is a fan-mod of New Super Mario Bros U created by Rimea and Sierra.

This mod aims to re-create over 80 of the best stages from all the Newer Mods created for Wii and DS over the past 8+ years

This means that this mod will feature:
-80+ new stages!
-Music from all newer mods!
-Nearly 200 tilesets to re-create the Newer look!
-Returning features from the Newer games!
-Retextured enemies, objects and worldmaps!

To learn more head on over to the Evolution Discord server:

Here you can ask the creators questions, suggest things yourself, and get updated on the progress of the hack.

This mod will be released on December 25th, and we hope you'll give it a shot!
Posted on 10-21-18, 05:49 pm in Newer Super Mario All-Stars (rev. 1 by Buntendo on 10-21-18, 05:56 pm)
Good news everyone!
the hack has been released, dowload it up top!
Posted on 12-23-17, 04:09 am in Luigi Saves Christmas
No, I mean that he should leave any track unchanged.
well... hmmm, you see, for the NSMBWII 9-7 remake I use the NSMBU forest music since its identical... though I could for those purposes just use remixes in the remake stages, who knows.
Apart from that though, yeah all music will be replaced.
Posted on 12-17-17, 12:50 pm in Luigi Saves Christmas

Luigi Saves Christmas
is a released mini-hack by me (Rimea) and MarioTour

This hack replaces world 1 + a few other stages from New Super Mario Bros U

That means:
-8+ new stages
-A new soundtrack with some returning features
-Different sorts of retextures

This hack is now released!

Posted on 12-17-17, 12:18 am in Luigi Saves Christmas (rev. 4 by Koopa on 12-24-17, 10:09 pm)
Posted on 10-07-17, 04:36 pm in nsmbu hackfull mod Cloudy SMBU
Oh, well that's just me wanting to mix things up a bit rly ;)
Posted on 09-26-17, 06:38 am in nsmbu hackfull mod Cloudy SMBU (rev. 1 by Koopa on 09-26-17, 06:38 am)
Ok let's nitpick your nitpick: as of now, all the stages I've made are ironically enough not in the cloud-world, but I chose the name because about half of it would be there. The "pipe level" is the same stage seen at the begining, and has slot more going on then just pipes ;)
Posted on 09-26-17, 05:40 am in nsmbu hackfull mod Cloudy SMBU

This hack will contain: -24+ New Stages

-New and returning Mario music

-Tons of new tilesets/level themes

-A few retextured enemies/objects

Progression: The hack is done and has eben updated to version 1.1



Posted on 09-25-17, 08:36 pm in nsmbu hackfull mod Cloudy SMBU (rev. 3 by Koopa on 11-19-17, 03:08 pm)
Ummmm... Uuuuuuuummmm....

Don't think I've really done anything irl I'd consider a mayor achivement...
god that's depressing

Hope my greatest achievement is ahead of me!
Posted on 09-17-17, 11:07 pm in What are your greatest life achievements?
I'll add a video of it soon ;)

edit - done
Posted on 09-17-17, 09:42 pm in When Penguin Fly! - my first custom NSMBU level (rev. 1 by Koopa on 09-17-17, 10:38 pm)
Hi anyone who was on rvlution 3.5 years ago, remember me?
So I've been getting back into hacking lately, specificly nsmbu hacking, and I thought I'd share a nice thing I made with y'all
My first complete NSMBU custom level
So go easy on me with complaints :3
I've only tested it with CEMU but Im pretty sure its as bug-free as can be, hope you enjoy!
I've never shared a stage before, its just the .szs file you need I hope
Posted on 09-17-17, 09:38 pm in When Penguin Fly! - my first custom NSMBU level (rev. 1 by Koopa on 09-17-17, 10:20 pm)