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Hi, I'm The Mario Modder, pretty simple name, and I like to mod Mario Games as a Hobby (mainly Super Mario Maker) My favorite Mario game is New Super Mario Bros. Wii because it was the first Mario game that I ever played (I think). I play very little Fortnite, Im not an expert at it and I only play it when I feel like it. Uhhhh what else to talk about. Oh yeah! , I started Modding when I found AboodXD's Video about a NSMBW Theme in SMM. I never knew that was possible so, to make a long story short, that is how I started Modding Super Mario Maker and recently ( to some demand) I branched out into other games Like New Super Mario Bros Wii and New Super Mario Bros U. And very little of SMM for Nintendo 3DS. I've never actually tested any of my mods on SMMFN3DS because I dont know how to repack a CIA or 3DS or CXI file. So, yeah.

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLnItPuuYV-jXJ3LqPrgXEw/featured?view_as=subscriber (no videos yet)

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