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Hi, I'm The Mario Modder, pretty simple name, and I like to mod Mario Games as a Hobby (mainly Super Mario Maker) My favorite Mario game is New Super Mario Bros. Wii because it was the first Mario game that I ever played (I think). I play *very* little Fortnite, Im not an expert at it and I only play it when I feel like it. Uhhhh what else to talk about. Oh yeah! , I started Modding when I found AboodXD's Video about a NSMBW Theme in SMM. I never knew that was possible so, to make a long story short, that is how I started Modding Super Mario Maker and recently ( to some demand) I branched out into other games Like New Super Mario Bros Wii and New Super Mario Bros U. And *very* little of SMM for Nintendo 3DS. I've never actually tested any of my mods on SMMFN3DS because I dont know how to repack a CIA or 3DS or CXI file. So, yeah.

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLnItPuuYV-jXJ3LqPrgXEw/featured?view_as=subscriber (no videos yet)

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The Mario Modder



Posted on 05-19-19, 04:36 pm in smm wii u NSMBW Mountain Background in SMM
What version of Mario Maker do you have?
Posted on 05-10-19, 05:23 pm in Problem Loading Custom Themes On Cemu
Check Willy's NSMBW for SMM Server
Posted on 05-02-19, 03:14 am in NSMBW in SMM v1.0 Beta
Willy made the underground BG, I finished castle tileset & started underwater Tileset
Posted on 05-02-19, 02:43 am in NSMBW in SMM v1.0 Beta
This is a tutorial on how to make your own custom Super Mario Maker clapperboards.

  • An image editing program
  • Layout.pack (Located inside your Pack folder)
  • Images that you want to replace the clapperboard with
  • Wexos Toolbox (Download on the right-hand side)
  • Switch Toolbox

  1. Open Layout.pack with Wexos Toolbox , double click "Layout.pack" & go to "Edit" then "Search"
  2. Type in "Layout/Cmn_ClapperboardBtn_00.szs" & Press "OK"
  3. Right-click the file and press "Export"
  4. Navigate to where you want to save your file.
    • NOTE: Before you press "Save", find the "File name" on the save window, & delete "Layout/" from the name. Wexos will not let you save until you do this.

  5. Open the exported file & export the .arc file.
  6. Open the exported .arc file and export the following files:
    • 1. timg/KachinkoAO_00^t.bflim
    • 2. timg/KachinkoBeauty_00^t.bflim
    • 3. timg/KachinkoAO_01^t.bflim
    • 4. timg/KachinkoBeauty_01^t.bflim

    AO = Ambient Occlusion (Tells the file which parts are light, and which parts are dark. (Like the Edges))
    Beauty = The Base Color Maps

  7. Open "KachinkoAO_00^t.bflim" with Switch Toolbox, you should see this:

  8. Press "File" then "Export" on the Top, Left-Hand corner of the window.
    • NOTE: There are two "File"s in Switch Toolbox, press this one:

  9. Save it as a PNG to wherever location you want (Make sure the ending of the filename is ".png" not ".bflim"
  10. Edit it with GIMP (Or any other image editing program) & make the entire image Black.

  11. Overwrite the image.
  12. Open "KachinkoBeauty_00^t.bflim" with Switch Toolbox & repeat step 8.
  13. Open the file with your image editing program & change it to look how you want it to.
    • Mine:

  14. Save the image then repeat steps 7 - 11 but with "KachinkoAO_01^t.bflim"
  15. Repeat steps 12 - 13 but with "KachinkoBeauty_01^t.bflim"

  16. In Switch Toolbox open "KachinkoAO_00^t.bflim" & press "File" then "Replace".
  17. Navigate to the PNG & double-click it.

  18. Save it as the settings shown here:

  19. Press "OK", then "File", "Save" & Replace the original BFLIM.
  20. Repeat steps 16 - 19, but with "KachinkoAO_01^t.bflim", "KachinkoBeauty_00^t.bflim", & "KachinkoBeauty_01^t.bflim"
  21. Replace all 4 BFLIM's in "Cmn_ClapperboardBtn_00.arc" in Wexos Toolbox.
  22. In Wexos Toolbox, export "blyt/Cmn_ClapperboardBtn_00.bflyt"
  23. Open the BFLYT in Wexos Toolbox & Delete "P_PlateAO_00" & "P_BarAO_00" (Right click, then Remove)

  24. Save the BFLYT & Import into .arc
  25. Save .arc
  26. Replace .arc in .szs
  27. Save .szs
  28. Replace .szs in "Layout.pack" & Save "Layout.pack"
  29. Boot SMM with Cemu or with SDCaffeine on your Wii U
  30. Done! You have successfully made your own Clapperboard.
Posted on 04-30-19, 02:03 am in Custom Clapperboard! (rev. 1 by The Mario Modder on 04-30-19, 05:47 pm)
nice, cant wait to try it out.
Posted on 04-30-19, 12:25 am in Modded RPX Files

I know, I know, Willy already made a mod like this, but I wanted to make one with Vertex Colors. Yayyy

Anyway, here are the downloads:
Main: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A5BaOXRirjOKW9sO5ZKM5jkLJb6mtnZI

Credit to Willy for original idea.
Also, PS: the clouds are weird.
Posted on 04-23-19, 09:33 pm in NSMBU Overworld BG 2 in SMM
Super Mario Maker
New Super Mario Bros. DS, Wii, 2, U
Mario Kart Wii, 7,8, 8 Deluxe
Tetris 99
Super Mario Bros. , 2, 3
Cuphead ( Sorry Bun)
Epic Mickey , 2
Super Mario 3D Land
Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
Posted on 04-19-19, 10:45 pm in What is/are your favourite Videogame/s ?
Download is broken.
Posted on 03-12-19, 12:03 am in smm wii u NSMBU Overworld 2 Background ported to SMM
Fixed so it doesn't crash...I hope. Still need to test it on Wii U.
Posted on 02-20-19, 03:57 pm in NSMBU Acorn Tree in Super Mario Maker

All I did was just add the NSMBU Acorn Tree into Super Mario Maker since it was removed in the final game. Probably due to size limitations.
For Reference Here are the file sizes compared to their original counterparts (In BFRES).
NSMBU = 6,434 KB
SMM = 3,924 KB
SMM w/ Tree (My Mod)= 3,874 KB

This Mod was created using KillzXGaming's Switch Toolbox

Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=18Z04E6lNVccZvkfMTrhIY_EWMLmss08-
You will also need this file (Put it in the "Pack" Folder) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RS5BTvdXrQEZW8EPVvmkoixED8kb4-5E/view?usp=sharing

Current Version: 2
Posted on 02-14-19, 12:49 am in NSMBU Acorn Tree in Super Mario Maker (rev. 12 by The Mario Modder on 04-30-19, 02:33 pm)
Posted on 12-19-18, 03:05 am in NSMBWII Snow BG in Super Mario Maker
This is my 3DS Port of WillyMaker's NSMBU Negative Overworld Theme. But it reversed a LOT more things like Mario, Arrowsign Board, Enemies, CLOUDS, Coins, Items, etc. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the music to work. Also note: Not all Enemies are Reversed, and some of them might look normal in the Editor. The reason for that is because for some reason, MMFN3DS Uses 2 Copies of All Enemies and Objects. One for In-Game, and the other for Edit Mode. So, yeah. Enjoy!

Link to WillyMaker's Wii U Mod: https://mariomods.net/thread/696-nsmbu-negative-overworld-theme

Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZyBMMUnQfvI1iJm-6rb_L-QQH9nXbNg5
Posted on 12-10-18, 12:01 am in 3dsnsmbureverse mod NSMBU Reverse Mod (3DS Port) (rev. 2 by The Mario Modder on 12-11-18, 12:28 am)
A Kramer Randomness. I have already started trying to import it.
Posted on 11-04-18, 06:17 pm in smm wii u Moved Acorn Plains BG (rev. 2 by The Mario Modder on 11-04-18, 06:20 pm)
Might not happen, consider the fact that RPX edits are required to add things.
Posted on 09-29-18, 05:36 pm in Super Mario Maker DLC
I Would, But that would be called Piracy which is *Illegal*
Posted on 09-17-18, 10:38 pm in Can Someone Send Me A Dumped Game File Of Mario Maker 3DS?
@A Kramer Randomness

Of course, just give be a bit of credit for the base mod, alright?
Posted on 09-12-18, 02:16 am in NSMBW in SMM v1.0 Beta
Ask NightYoshi on the Mario Making Mods Discord server
Posted on 08-29-18, 10:08 pm in impossible Importing a NSMBU Mario model
oh, ok
Posted on 08-26-18, 08:04 pm in mario maker e3wii u Mario Maker E3 2014 Build
Posted on 08-26-18, 08:02 pm in mario maker e3wii u Mario Maker E3 2014 Build