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Posted on 06-20-18, 02:04 pm in GRAnimated's Super Mario Odyssey Mods
Hey guys do you remember the tutorial for wormhole glitch i created for 3ds 1.4?
Well i decided to create a map with some of the things you can do with it.

My map is called NW 2-4 by nionios.



I also uploaded some other maps too check them out
Posted on 03-20-18, 07:35 pm in 3ds A glitched world |3DS ONLY|!!!! (rev. 1 by Kreas on 03-20-18, 07:38 pm)
Posted on 03-14-18, 07:53 pm in offtopicvocaloidutau UTAU / VOCALOID
Posted on 03-14-18, 12:49 pm in 3ds Black Hole Glitch (rev. 1 by Kreas on 03-14-18, 01:00 pm)
Ok thank you very much.
I will make more threads for glitches later.
Posted on 03-14-18, 07:07 am in 3ds Black Hole Glitch (rev. 1 by Kreas on 03-14-18, 07:09 am)
I will do it when i get home.
Posted on 03-14-18, 06:04 am in 3ds Black Hole Glitch
Can you please tell me how to fix them?
I want a little help so i can make it a good thread.
Posted on 03-14-18, 05:51 am in 3ds Black Hole Glitch
For 3ds there is a black hole glitch that still works and with this you can perform other glitches like the clown car enemy or the floor is lava etc..
To do the black hole glitch you need a bullet bill(i use the red one),2 big thomps and a bomb.
Now take the bullet bill and place the between the upper screen and the lower screen(the upper part of bullet bill shouldn't be visible in the editor when you are in the lower screen).

Like this:

Now put the big thomp on top of the bullet bill and other one to the right side of the upper part of bill.
It must be like this:

Ok take the bomb-omb and put him on to the second's thomp head.

The setup is ready.

Now what you need to do is:
1.Put a coin
2.Delete bullet bill
3.Hit Undo twice(plz be aware it will not work if you hit undo and you are still in erase mode.)

Repeat this part 35 times.

After that go up and touch the thomps.If a lot of the are layered on top of the other they will despawn until one is left.

If that happens then yay you made it.

Here is what you can do with it:

Also i want to say you guys try the volcano mod it is really good.

I can't believe i forgot this! xD

1.png — 225.05 KiB, viewed 160 times

10.png — 281.30 KiB, viewed 154 times

11.png — 281.30 KiB, viewed 152 times

3.png — 225.05 KiB, viewed 161 times

5.png — 225.05 KiB, viewed 159 times

9.png — 281.30 KiB, viewed 157 times
Posted on 03-13-18, 07:03 pm in 3ds Black Hole Glitch (rev. 4 by NightYoshi370 on 03-14-18, 03:51 am)
well i wanted to make it a thread but somehow it ended up here sorry

also the pics didn't go where i wanted
Posted on 03-13-18, 06:39 pm in 100 Mario Challenge: Easy Edition (rev. 1 by Kreas on 03-13-18, 06:40 pm)
All kneel to the mighty bullet blaster that can shoot from 1 ups to lava bubbles

+the cool glitches with them.

-ye that's good stuff
Posted on 03-12-18, 06:15 pm in wats ur favorite mario maker enemy? (rev. 1 by Kreas on 03-12-18, 06:16 pm)
if you have windows 10 use paint 3d.
Posted on 03-08-18, 03:47 pm in costumeremakertheme Fantasy Zone (Theme & Skin)
Nice theme i will check it right now!
Um i did some edits to your tileset...
Nothing special just semi-solids,a little recolor to the clouds(not visible) and ice.
If you want to test it out just click the link and download the file.
Of course if you don't like my changes just tell me to remove my post.;)
Edit (Yet again):
I also made a new background for you theme too!!!
Try it out.
Use the link above.
Posted on 03-04-18, 07:40 pm in smb3 Grass Theme (rev. 2 by Kreas on 03-04-18, 10:53 pm)
hahaha very good!!!
Posted on 03-04-18, 07:31 pm in Smash 4 Pics
Ok thank you.
It will help a lot of people.
Keep up the good work!! ;)
Posted on 03-04-18, 07:27 pm in tutorial Editing the enemy sprites in the 3DS version of Mario Maker. (rev. 1 by Kreas on 03-04-18, 07:28 pm)
I made it work finally.
May i ask a favor?
Can you please make a video so more people can see how it's done.
I would make it myself but i am not good with this. :(
Posted on 03-03-18, 02:59 pm in tutorial Editing the enemy sprites in the 3DS version of Mario Maker. (rev. 1 by Kreas on 03-03-18, 02:59 pm)
Me too my friend :)
Posted on 03-01-18, 09:23 pm in wii u How to add backgrounds!
ok thanks
Posted on 03-01-18, 07:02 pm in tutorial Editing the enemy sprites in the 3DS version of Mario Maker.
Posted on 03-01-18, 12:46 pm in tutorial Editing the enemy sprites in the 3DS version of Mario Maker.
The same to create my metroid mod Paint 3d
Posted on 02-28-18, 06:57 pm in tutorial Editing the enemy sprites in the 3DS version of Mario Maker.
Mmm no matter how many times i try i get an error when i try to start a game with a goomba i edited.
I did exactly what you said but i just can't make it work...
Maybe is something else that doesn't let me make it.
Posted on 02-28-18, 01:26 pm in tutorial Editing the enemy sprites in the 3DS version of Mario Maker.