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Hello for a long time i have been working on a waluigi mod and released it on gamebanana since thats only mod website i knew however my friend sent me this website and discord and i decided to put my mod on here hope you guys enjoy it

My file is too big so here a download link https://gamebanana.com/dl/426779

ALL UPDATES WILL BE ON MY GAMEBANANA POST https://gamebanana.com/wips/50353

{note for yt creators that want to upload this mod: you dont need to ask me for permission anyone allowed to upload videos of this mod as long as you put link to my gamebanana or mariomods profile or link to my waluigi gamebanana or mariomods post}

Update 3:

Tennis Themed Enemys (New Enemys are listed here https://pastebin.com/vSaEHpXi)

Pinball theme to replace airship

New Tennis tileset and theme to replace field/normal theme

Old Tennis Theme from the Beta that replaced the forest

Improved Quality of some sprites

UI Sprite Changes

I made SMB1 and SMB3 into the same gamebanana wip Post

All Thin Waluigi Door Knocks
Posted on 07-13-19, 11:59 pm in Super Waluigi Maker 2 (Smm2 , Waluigi replace Mario,Update3) (rev. 5 by DrEmoji on 07-31-19, 09:06 am)