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hu hu de da

late welcome but whatever
Hey, can I use you cat mario when it's done in my SM3DW mod when it's done? It would be so cool! But, is it really gonna be working order just a re-texture?

I'm kinda having trouble understanding what you mean, but if you're asking if you can use them both once they're finished, well of course! I'm not making these just for myself.

The SM3DW is in no way going to be a perfect port of the game theme from SMM2. It's going to be a retexture for NSMBU, but I'll try to make it look how the one in SMM2 looks in a full 2D perspective. I don't have enough coding knowledge to create a 2.5D game theme, sorry.
Posted on 05-02-19, 02:32 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
I've noticed that SMW has problems with custom themes as well. For the most part the graphics themselves look completely fine, but for some reason the Plains background doesn't change at all, and the Underground theme uses the background for the Airship theme. None of the other themes seem to be having any problems, and I haven't really extensively tested out any SMB1 or 3 hacks at all. Turning off game patching in Luma's menu reveals that SMM itself isn't corrupted or anything. Maybe it was SMM's update that made the game patching broken somehow? Everything looks okay normally, and all the individual mod files look okay normally, but in-game they're pretty broken. Could someone test these out and help me fix the problems?

(I have to edit this for every individual file I want to upload)
Attachment: WU_field_plain_textures.ctpk
256.12 KiB — Downloaded 3 times

Attachment: mw_dv_airship_textures.ctpk
516.25 KiB — Downloaded 1 time

Attachment: mw_dv_plains_textures.ctpk
516.25 KiB — Downloaded 0 times

Attachment: mw_dv_underground_textures.ctpk
516.25 KiB — Downloaded 5 times
Posted on 04-24-19, 10:02 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha (rev. 1 by IronFoxGaming on 04-24-19, 10:08 pm)
I finally got around to porting some themes that I made to SMM3DS. For the most part, they work fine, but for some reason, the NSMBU Plains custom theme has some kind of crusty garbage all over it. It's in the upper-left corners of question mark blocks and brick blocks, all over the conveyor belts (which don't seem to animate at all, and the garbage tiles are placed inconsistently along different conveyors) and some animated corruption had gotten all over the pipes and white noteblock as well. Opening the file again in Kuriimu reveals that the tileset itself seems to be completely fine, no corruption seen there. I have no idea what could be causing all the problems. It doesn't affect any of the other themes that I have running either, so I'm at a loss as to what makes this happen.
Posted on 04-23-19, 01:43 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha (rev. 1 by IronFoxGaming on 04-23-19, 01:45 pm)
because why not

I feel like I might be able to make some of these look moderately good tbh and wanted a challenge

probably gonna take me another 2 days to download Kuriimu's 9.8MB .rar file since my internet seems to be running at speeds literally slower than a potato
Posted on 04-23-19, 03:07 am in Cursed Project 3U
this will affect everything

stay tuned
M3_Field_water.png — 9.36 KiB, viewed 0 times
Posted on 04-23-19, 02:32 am in Cursed Project 3U
Still working on downloading Kuriimu. The internet isn't very good where I'm at, so it's taking a long while, but I'll check once it's done.

NightYoshi370 edit: You need to link to the actual image itself, not the page its on.
IronFoxGaming: That wasn't linking to the images? I thought my internet was just doing too poorly to load them...
Posted on 04-22-19, 11:25 pm in 3DS NSMBU Background editing? (rev. 4 by IronFoxGaming on 04-23-19, 12:52 am)

Well, what about the animations for certain layers? I wanted to make spinning Zee windmill on the frontmost background layer. Do I just have to animate it frame-by-frame and pack it into one ctpk?
Posted on 04-22-19, 10:40 pm in 3DS NSMBU Background editing?
Any idea how to change the Background for the NSMBU theme? I know some of the layers are animated, but I have no idea what I need to do exactly in order to make a multi-layer background with some animation.
Posted on 04-22-19, 11:36 am in 3DS NSMBU Background editing?
Oh, sweet! Thanks, now I can actually get all my themes ported over!
Posted on 04-22-19, 11:29 am in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
yay I did it

I still don't know how to get CTPKTool working tho
WU_Field_plain.png — 298.03 KiB, viewed 0 times
Posted on 04-21-19, 06:40 am in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha (rev. 1 by IronFoxGaming on 04-21-19, 06:41 am)
I suppose that I could do that. Superstar Saga, Partners in Time, Bowser's Inside Story, and Dream Team. Much better idea than making themes based on Mario Kart DS tracks tbh
Posted on 04-19-19, 02:36 am in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
Any other themes that I should try doing?
Posted on 04-19-19, 01:58 am in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
Also, no one ever uses the SMB3 underwater theme :P

I say we change that >:]

I can totally make those gfx into some themes for SMM Beta Revived. I could also fix the janky gradients on them as well.

also here's my current progress, give me your thoughts on it
WU_Field_plain.png — 714.07 KiB, viewed 0 times
Posted on 04-17-19, 07:49 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha (rev. 5 by IronFoxGaming on 04-18-19, 12:26 am)
I remember making some ExGFX for SMW awhile back, based on what I thought that Beta Mario Maker would look like with extra themes. I know that the Castle GFX I made even got turned into a site theme here, which is pretty cool.


does anyone ever actually use the SMB3 Underwater theme or no
Posted on 04-17-19, 07:45 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
I'll post my current progress on Dreamy Wakeport in a few hours.

Thanks for the support guys, I'll be sure to not let you down.

for now at least

Also, there was a Beta Revival project before? When did that happen?
Posted on 04-17-19, 06:45 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha (rev. 2 by IronFoxGaming on 04-17-19, 06:54 pm)
Hey I can use the internet now and am making SMM themes again because I got nothing better to do
I'm going to be working on all of these at some point or another, but for now I'm mainly working on the M&L DT themes.
Overworld - Dreamy Wakeport
Underground - Dreamy Pi'illo Castle
Underwater - Dreamy Driftwood Shore
Ghost House - Dream's Forbidden Depths
Airship (remove camera bobbing) - Dreamy Downtown Wakeport
Castle - Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
I've only got some progress on the Overworld theme, but it's a lot of progress.
Posted on 04-17-19, 02:50 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha (rev. 1 by IronFoxGaming on 04-17-19, 06:42 pm)
Well hey, we can make Double Cherries with this now
Posted on 04-16-19, 03:26 pm in Multiplayer mod for SMM