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hu hu de da

Welcome! Even though I'm late.
No, I don't know why it shows up on the 3ds home page, but I probably said it was for 3ds accidentally :P oops. If it's the same as Wii U, I guess it could work, though...
Posted on 03-25-19, 12:00 am in Content_Pack
No, it wasn't supposed to be, but I guess it could be :P
Posted on 02-26-19, 03:39 am in Content_Pack
Just a simple mod which changes the ground theme music in all four Mario styles, as well as give Mario, Yoshi, and specific enemies special abilities (i.e. the ability to eat Bowser with Yoshi, have all NSMBU abilities for Mario in all game styles, as well as the ability to throw upwards in all four game styles). WARNING! Do not place any items in Clown cars with this mod loaded, otherwise you run the risk of your game crashing! If you want items/enemies in clown cars, I suggest placing the items/enemies above the Clown car to fall into. Thanks for checking out this mod :)
If you would like to see some of the stuff the mod changes, go to this link.
Download the mod there.
Content_Pack.jpg — 46.99 KiB, viewed 0 times
Posted on 02-22-19, 06:00 pm in Content_Pack (rev. 3 by MarioPossamato on 02-22-19, 06:22 pm)
I have some tutorials on my Youtube channel (Mario Possamato on Youtube) where you can find out how to use tcpGecko dotNET to memory edit (memory mod) Super Mario Maker
Posted on 02-11-19, 08:18 pm in Timer Edit ?