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Hello! What are you doing here? Well, I'm hu hu de da, and I am an SMM, NSMBU and GORN modder.
My youtube (I'll have more content there soon)

Seeya, baka!


Also, what are ya doin' in ma swamp?!!

hello i'm someone don't ignore me pls

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is ready... ;)


Hey, I am BUSSY creating a mountain mod, but I don't know how to .szs it, can you please do that when the tileset


HI, here are ALLLLLLLLLLLL the official textures of NSMBU: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s4tEHKglcS7D7NS5UW09Cj66lIkQ-Zoj


Your link doesn't work...


Where can I find it?

hu hu de da

There is a Wii U version.
Posted on 05-18-19, 04:11 pm in smm 3ds NSMBW Snow Theme
Posted on 04-17-19, 07:24 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
oh. Sure someone made one but it was cancelled, or maybe I'm getting mistaken with something else.
Posted on 04-17-19, 07:19 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
Uhh, there has been multiple. One by someone who's username I can't remember, and one by tee and others.
Posted on 04-17-19, 07:06 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
I agree. It's a really good idea.

I like all of the styles coming. They all sound nice.

Good luck with them!
Posted on 04-17-19, 06:12 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
Would be great if Beta Revived was finished, but I'd like a Dream Team style instead.
Still, good work.
Posted on 04-17-19, 02:55 pm in 3ds I'm making a huge bunch of junk for SMM now ha
i AgrEe
Posted on 04-15-19, 11:17 pm in NSMBWii Volcano Outside Theme for SMM
I don't wanna say, b-baka
Posted on 04-15-19, 10:32 pm in Who's your best friend you've lost?
This thread hasn't got anything to do with Mario Multiverse.

Post this in General Chat.
Posted on 04-08-19, 05:37 pm in I'm not so active
You can't assume something is cancelled if it's taking a bit of time. That's a sign of impatience.
Posted on 04-02-19, 12:13 am in wii u3dsnsmbu New Super Mario Bros. Wii/2 in SMM for Wii U and 3DS
idk, hope not
Posted on 04-01-19, 03:35 pm in UnderMaker Video Showcase - Mario Making Mods Mod Mondays
He means BATIM (Bendy and the ink machine), idk tho. Meh, I don't like that game, nor the sound of it's fanbase killing a Nintendo game.
Posted on 04-01-19, 02:18 pm in UnderMaker Video Showcase - Mario Making Mods Mod Mondays
Mine is a bowl I made in secondary school.
(P.S it was a greek sorta bowl).
Posted on 03-28-19, 08:34 pm in What's your favourite bowl?
me like this.
Posted on 03-26-19, 12:01 am in wip3dssmw Terraria Maker for Nintendo 3DS
Good job on another one of your levels being showcased.
Posted on 03-23-19, 10:07 pm in Welcome to Unimaker! Mario Making Mods Fangame Friday
I like the volcano, since in NSMBDS the volcanoes were a lot better. The BGM and the levels made it so refreshing to see volcanoes in a Mario game. Until NSMBWii and U came along.
Posted on 03-22-19, 01:10 pm in What environment in NSMB1 is your favorite?
i'm sure i've seen him, idk tho. it's been so, so long since i have ever played a smash bros game.
Posted on 03-20-19, 06:03 pm in Smash 4 Pics
boi i like my melted ice
Posted on 03-20-19, 05:58 pm in What's your favourite soda?
Oh hi.
Posted on 03-20-19, 05:56 pm in I have returned
hey nice.
Posted on 03-20-19, 05:14 pm in Luigi & Wario costumes