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happy bday
that tilesete is awesonme whoevber made it is enpic at making them]
Posted on 10-31-19, 12:59 pm in smm2 mods NSMBU Volcano Theme in Super Mario Maker 2

A moon tileset that replaces the super mario world underground theme
If you showcase this mod please link to this original video
Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uMro5zMHSTDAUa8pTsUBkJuLAkBGxLA-

Thanks for Tee for helping with errors that occured whilst making this mod: https://mariomods.net/profile/1645699670-tee And thanks to Lakifume for helping with other errors that i came across whilst making this tileset: https://mariomods.net/profile/194-lakifume

Made with Switch toolbox: https://github.com/KillzXGaming/Switc...

this mod replaces the starting and ending ground, normal ground, Stone blocks, Ice blocks, Decorations, all Semi-Solids, Bridge pieces, Music, Pallete icons, Level preview icons, Cloud blocks, and the SMW underground icon.
Posted on 07-29-19, 12:57 pm in smwunderground Super Mario World theme moon tileset
i have a nintendo switch, wii u, and 3DS
Posted on 08-24-18, 05:32 pm in What consoles do you own?
this tileset is broken. i think 1 line of pixels has been added or removed to the bottom or top
Posted on 08-16-18, 05:10 pm in Super Sweet Mario Maker
'Athletic' is misleading, this is a sky tileset, someone already made an athletic theme me
Posted on 08-14-18, 07:01 pm in smm wii u NSMBU Sky Theme
my mod vanilla revamped
Posted on 08-10-18, 07:41 pm in What's your favorite mod for Super Mario Maker
uh it is

No, I mean the steps to installing on wiiu
uh, they are
Posted on 08-08-18, 09:10 pm in Super Sweet Mario Maker


Start & End ground
Normal Ground
Wooden Blocks
Ice Blocks
Bridge Pieces
Pallet icons
Level preview icons
Nsmbu airship theme icon


Charlie59876: making the graphics and enabling the music and graphics to be used in Super Mario Maker + original idea
tee: Helping with an error that occurred whilst making this mod
Lakifume: help with other miscellaneous errors that i came across whilst making this tileset
NoteBlock: Making the Edit music
(thnx to NightYoshi370 for helping with this post)

(If you showcase this mod please link to this original video)


Posted on 08-07-18, 12:05 pm in nsmbuairship NSMBU Mushroom / Athletic theme (rev. 11 by Charlie59876 on 08-10-18, 07:20 pm)
this tileset is, interesting
Posted on 07-31-18, 05:17 pm in SMB3 snowy
what are you doing with this information?
Posted on 04-21-18, 11:41 am in The best Mario
plz port to wii u
Posted on 04-18-18, 04:49 pm in smb13ds Odyssey in 8-bit set
can i help with the graphics for this mod? i dont know how to import them to .szs but i can send you a .png or .dds. tbh it looks like some of the textures could do with some improving
Posted on 04-17-18, 09:15 pm in smm2nintendo switch Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped
help this mod doesn't change anything all the other mods work on my wii u this one doesn't why not?
nvm i forgot the content folder
Posted on 04-17-18, 09:03 pm in smwwii u The Meme Theme
help this mod doesn't change anything all the other mods work on my wii u this one doesn't why not?
Posted on 04-17-18, 06:53 pm in smwwii u The Meme Theme
can you do a wii u port for this mod please?
Posted on 04-17-18, 05:28 pm in smb1 Beach Theme
can you make one with the spikes visible for online courses?
Posted on 04-17-18, 05:04 pm in 3dssmwwii uswitch Volcano Theme
can you add a .bfstm file for the music? or send me a tutorial for how to do that i can't find one.
Posted on 04-17-18, 04:44 pm in wiiusmb3 custom volcano