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I am just a block of brick
Its called a BOB-omb. Not BOMB-omb or BOM-omb. Bob-omb

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I just fixed it so it works in the update.

Files are here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yOoBkH4z6dYhz-t5f4Q4VKKe9Pw2pl9_
Posted on 06-08-18, 06:27 pm in NSMBW in SMM v1.0 Beta
This mod makes my game crash after the first screen.
Posted on 06-08-18, 02:51 am in NSMBW in SMM v1.0 Beta

A theme that only uses two colors. Black and White.

Fullscreen Screenshot


Super Mario

Fire Mario

Attachment: Monochrome.zip
88.06 KiB — Downloaded 39 times
Posted on 06-08-18, 01:34 am in smb1wip Monochrome Theme (rev. 1 by Brick on 06-08-18, 02:23 am)
The riddle answer is
Posted on 04-23-18, 04:10 pm in What's up? April 22nd 2018