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Hüseyin the Mighty



1+1 without the 2 is 1+1 without the 2

or it's 1+1=
Posted on 09-23-18, 05:38 pm in My Riddle
cool unfinished themes

Super Mario Land

Yoshis Island


NSMB2 Overworld (Broken)

NSMB2 Snow Overworld

SMAS overoworld

i guess people will import those, but won't credit me as usual ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

i won't answer any questions either
i spent so much time doing these tho
k i'm dead forever bye
Posted on 06-26-18, 10:22 pm in unfinished themes (rev. 1 by Hüseyin the Mighty on 06-26-18, 10:23 pm)
that's me waiting for smash switch
Posted on 05-31-18, 11:13 pm in Toad Chat
Birthday was neat, and I got €20
Posted on 05-24-18, 04:39 pm in Toad Chat
Today is my birthday :D
Posted on 05-21-18, 03:32 pm in Toad Chat
The images are broken.
Posted on 03-13-18, 08:35 pm in 3ds Black Hole Glitch
@Kreas please create a new thread, this thread is about the 100 Mario Challenge Easy Edition.
Posted on 03-13-18, 06:54 pm in 100 Mario Challenge: Easy Edition
Actually I wasn't expecting Smash 5. We are getting many Wii U ports (like everytime) and I'm sad that the Luigi's Mansion Remake is coming for 3DS.
Posted on 03-09-18, 03:12 pm in Nintendo Switch in 2018
Anyways this looks amazing! DuckTales is one of the best NES games in my opinion (loved the moon theme). Good job
Posted on 03-08-18, 07:55 pm in themecharacterlevelremaker DuckTales: Scrooge McDuck on the Moon
That looks nice, but screenshots would be great. And I mean that in general.
Posted on 03-06-18, 09:35 pm in slice night theme (rev. 1 by Hüseyin the Mighty on 03-06-18, 09:36 pm)
The image is broken.
Posted on 03-05-18, 11:55 pm in themecharacterlevelremaker DuckTales: Scrooge McDuck on the Moon
Nobody mentioned it but the Switch is a year old now. Yay!
Posted on 03-05-18, 08:03 pm in Toad Chat
So we could finally port this mod to SMM3DS, because we can edit the sprites now.
Posted on 03-05-18, 07:59 pm in v2.0 out!download fixed! Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
We can't import models in general, so no.
Posted on 03-05-18, 07:57 pm in Luigi in Super Mario Maker!
What games do you expect for this year ? On the E3 is Nintendo's conference going to be successful ?

I think the conference is going to be successful IF they announce great games and DLC for older games (Super Mario Odyssey as an example). I would like to see Luigis Mansion 3, Super Mario Maker 2/Deluxe whatever, Smash 4 Port, Metroid Prime 4 Gameplay and Release date, and the new yoshi game.

So far we know about:

-Kirby Star Allies
-Mario Tennis Aces
-Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Port
-Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition
-Metroid Prime 4
-Yoshi 2018
-Pikmin 4
Posted on 03-03-18, 09:46 pm in Nintendo Switch in 2018 (rev. 2 by Hüseyin the Mighty on 03-03-18, 09:55 pm)
The idea is great, the mode works great aswell, but the OOB (out of bounce) balloons make me sick. Nintendo should fix that or i won't play the mode in the future anymore.
Posted on 03-02-18, 11:10 pm in Luigis balloon world
I don't want to kill the chat, but could you move to another thread? this is about the contest.
Posted on 03-02-18, 04:12 pm in Mario Making Mods Level Design Contest #1!
ctpktool changes the length of the ctpk file, use ohana3ds rebirth to import the sprites.
Posted on 03-01-18, 06:26 pm in tutorial Editing the enemy sprites in the 3DS version of Mario Maker.
people request mods here: https://mariomods.net/forum/5-request-a-project

so this is useless and i'll trash it
Posted on 02-24-18, 06:52 pm in What happened
I didn't bother have time to write a tutorial.
Posted on 01-29-18, 07:30 pm in How to convert 3DS byamls (rev. 1 by Hüseyin the Mighty on 01-30-18, 01:16 am)