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I come back for an update and now the download link is busted. Great.
Posted on 11-14-18, 05:00 pm in wii u Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped
Bug report: During the last 100 seconds of a level, the custom music doesn't transition well with other jingles. For example, grabbing a star will make the music glitch out loudly. I've noticed this while playing levels, and it's an issue with levels that take a while to finish, rely on P-Switches and stars, or have time limits.
Posted on 03-23-18, 05:58 pm in wii u Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped (rev. 1 by FalconRPG on 04-10-18, 07:29 pm)
This mod doesn't seem to be compatible with the other All-Stars mod, the airship background is incorrect (here's what it should look like: https://www.mariowiki.com/images/7/7e/SMAS_4-A2.PNG) and Mario's sprites look off. Also, could you restore the original ghost house background? It was more accurate since it was in SMA4.
Posted on 02-14-18, 08:37 pm in releasedwiiu Super Mario Bros.3 Allstars