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honestly i thought everyone moved on to mario maker 2 im glad to see people are still modding mario maker 1! :D
Posted on 08-04-19, 04:15 am in wii uv1.04 Super Mario Maker Ultimate
if you have a switch when mario maker 2 comes out you should make this for that
Posted on 06-14-19, 09:50 pm in 3dscompleted NSMBU Mario Powers into SMB1 Mario
ok Thanks!
Posted on 06-14-19, 07:40 pm in How to Install Super Mario Remaker on Windows
this doesnt look safe...
Posted on 06-13-19, 01:31 pm in How to Install Super Mario Remaker on Windows
1.76 well cemu says that
Posted on 06-13-19, 02:49 am in smm2nintendo switch Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped
all i need are the mario maker update files to the newest version of the game ive been trying to mod it but i cant (im a huge modder) so all i need are the newest mario maker update files

PS: i use cemu 1.15.8
Posted on 06-12-19, 04:10 am in I know its not related but...
can you previde me with the newest SMM files please?
Posted on 06-11-19, 07:17 pm in Problem Loading Custom Themes On Cemu
with "contents" it does not work like the mod it doesnt crash but the mod doesnt work and for "content" it still crashes (no i dont for updates i have version 1.76)
Posted on 06-11-19, 03:49 pm in smm2nintendo switch Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped (rev. 1 by imnotgay10123 on 06-12-19, 05:24 am)
On Cemu it just crashes my game this is my path

C:\Users\__________\Downloads\Wii U Emulation\cemu_1.15.8\cemu_1.15.8\graphicPacks\supermariomaker_revamped\

this is my rules

titleIds = 000500001018DC00,000500001018DD00,000500001018DB00
name = Vanilla Revamped Beta 1.4
path = "Super Mario Maker/Mods/Vanilla_Revamped_Beta_1.4"
description = Vanilla Revamped is a Super Mario Maker mod that aims to enhance the games's graphics, audio, and more.
version = 3

i have no clue what type of mario maker im using
Posted on 06-11-19, 03:44 pm in smm2nintendo switch Super Mario Maker: Vanilla Revamped