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I made this mod because someone on discord wanted this mod.
so, I went and made this mod for him.
it was good idea so I decided to do all other 2d themes.

here is download:
2019101516011100-BF19FBEA37724338D87F26F17A3B97B2.jpg — 201.13 KiB, viewed 0 times
Posted on 10-15-19, 09:45 pm in smm2switchsmb1smb3nsmbusmm2-mod Exploding Buzzy Beetles in smm2
This yoshi mod is based from costume in SMM1


Posted on 07-21-19, 08:06 am in switchsmm2smb1yoshi Yoshi in SMB1
yes I did angry sun mod.
Posted on 07-21-19, 07:58 am in Can we change NSMBU'S Angry Sun sprite in SMM2?

Download link: https://gamebanana.com/skins/171161

Posted on 07-16-19, 06:03 am in switchsmm2smb1 Fighter Fly

download link:

you need hacked/cfw'ed switch for this mod to work.

2019071505180900-BF19FBEA37724338D87F26F17A3B97B2.jpg — 205.92 KiB, viewed 0 times
Posted on 07-15-19, 11:30 pm in switchsmb3smb1smm2 Alien Mario