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Dat weeb NSMBU hacker though :3
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This is a sample post. You probably already know what this is for.

Woohoo! That's what I needed!
Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
	printf("Hello World!");

Stella is best waifu. :3


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Will do after school




can't you trash the spam thread?

Kirisame M

i might be back tomorrow

Kirisame M



[6:10 PM] NightYoshi370: ~~MMM thread please about long grass~~ JK, do what you want
[6:10 PM] Bob: oh no abood


I'm gonna set everything to memes on my profile then


Why is it that everyone who likes anime sets everything to anime on their profile?


I back


suscribe to my you tube chanel??




Better, but please remove that ugly font.


Hey, um, you know how you did that shadow thing for your post layout signature? Can you do that, but on your entire post?


Hey, um, do you have that Reggie with NSMBU support?


Hey, I just gave you the permission to edit the Wiki. Enjoy! ;)


The grey inside part, i mean


Great level ! The solid on top platforms could have a brown recolor ;)


what lol


Also, why weren't you able to make the fire Luigi colors ?
I have no idea. It just refused to work.

Can i use this in my luigi in all themes mario maker mod
Hmm, I will think about it.
Posted on 02-03-18, 07:02 am in Luigi in Super Mario Maker!


Such wow, indeed.

Posted on 01-29-18, 04:14 pm in Luigi in Super Mario Maker!
When you export the Output.bfres from Wexos Toolbox (after replacing the images) you need to extract the gtx files from it and put them in the sarc file using hex editor. Tutorial on how to use hex editor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnpKTF5N6hk
Umm, why?
Posted on 01-29-18, 01:42 pm in q&a Ask your SMM hacking questions here.
Well, he replaced the overworld, and he did start on the castle, but other than that, I'm not sure.
Everything is done except for Airship and half of Underwater.
Posted on 01-16-18, 08:33 pm in PointlessMaker
PyQt5 for your installed Python version (no, the 32 bit version of PyQt5 won't work with the 64 bit version of Python): 32 bit download - 64 bit download
Those two links link to PyQt5 for Python 3.5.
Posted on 01-16-18, 08:05 pm in guide How to run PointlessMaker™
Replacing backgrounds is kinda hard for beginners, but somewhat easy for people who have used Wexos's Toolbox to import models before.

I was importing NSMBU Overworld BG to SMM, but then I stopped for a reason that I don't remember now. I might get back to it one day.
Posted on 01-11-18, 10:59 am in 3dsnsmbground NSMB Desert Background
Um, dude, you are like 6549645196 years late.

I already made a BFSTM/BCSTM to BFSTP converter:

Oh wait, you linked my post. ;P
Posted on 01-09-18, 08:46 pm in wii u The Thing About The Fanfares (BFSTP Files :P) (rev. 3 by MasterVermilli0n on 01-09-18, 09:29 pm)
Posted on 12-29-17, 07:11 pm in tutorialnsmbu How to make custom music in NSMBU
Using paint.net, I clicked on save as and the setting are: DXT1, DXT3, DXT5, A8R8G8B8, X8R8G8B8, A8B8G8R8, X8B8G8R8, A1R5G5B5, A4R4G4B4, R8G8B8, R5G6B5.
ABGR8 -> A8B8G8R8
Posted on 12-28-17, 01:50 pm in q&a Ask your SMM hacking questions here.
It's not a big bug anyway. It's just that color mess up when making RGBA4/RGB5A1 GTX files, but nobody is using those formats anyway. This bug is probably also present in BFRES Tool.
Posted on 12-22-17, 09:09 am in cythontool GTX Extractor
Probably not. Cython is already fast tbh, and I'm satisfied with it so I see no point in continuing working on this.
Posted on 12-22-17, 09:07 am in c++tools GTX Extractor
he remade the program in python
No, the Python one came first. This is a remake of the Python one for people who want the fastest way possible to decode textures.

With all the recent advancements in your coding skills, have you tried to fix this yet?
No. I'd recommend the Python one anyway since this one doesn't have parameters calculating, which is essential for creating GTX files.
Posted on 12-21-17, 07:16 am in c++tools GTX Extractor (rev. 1 by MasterVermilli0n on 12-21-17, 07:20 am)
.... no? BFRES Tool doesn't have anything to do with it.

The reason I'm not making any more version is because I thought the program is complete and doesn't have any bugs and I don't need to bother working on it again. Alas, I was wrong. I found a bug a few months ago, yet I still haven't bothered fixing it.
Posted on 12-21-17, 07:14 am in cythontool GTX Extractor
Anyways, uh, for people like me, you might want to explain what a BFSAR even is. :P
Binary Cafe Sound Archive.
Just like what its name says, it's an archive which can contain sound files.

It usually contains sound effects, sequences, and such files. NSMBU is dumb, so all the music files are inside a BFSAR, unlike literally any other game I encountered.
Posted on 12-21-17, 07:08 am in BFSAR documentation (rev. 1 by MasterVermilli0n on 12-21-17, 07:11 am)
Documentation restored from RHCafe wiki.

This is an archive that contains all sound effects and music streams used in the game.

Block pointers are looked up with their identifier. This may not be necessary, but to be safe, I'd still place them in the documented order.

Some General Data Structures

These structures are used in multiple places throughout the bfsar.

File Header

0x0 - 0x4Magic number
0x4 - 0x6BOM; always 0xFEFF (big-endian)
0x6 - 0x8Header length
0x8 - 0xCVersion number, must be 0x20000 in NSMBU. Observed values in other games: 0x20000, 0x20100, 0x20200. Probably 1 byte pad, 1 byte major version, 1 byte minor version, 1 byte patch version.
0xC - 0x10Filesize
0x10 - 0x12Number of sections
0x12 - 0x14Padding
0x14 - ...Block pointers

Block Pointer

Offset is relative to the start of the file.
0x0 - 0x2Identifier
0x2 - 0x4Padding
0x4 - 0x8Offset to block body
0x8 - 0xCSize of block body

Block Header

0x0 - 0x4Ascii identifier
0x4 - 0x8Block size

Offset With Identifier

0x0 - 0x2Identifier
0x2 - 0x4Padding
0x4 - 0x8Offset

Item ID

An item id consists of both file type and file id:
0x0File type: 1=Sound (SE/WSD/STRM), 2=Sound group (WSDSET/SEQSET), 3=Bank (BANK), 4=Player (PLAYER), 5=Wave archive (WAR), 6=Group (GROUP)
0x1 - 0x4Index into info reference table

Sound Archive (BFSAR)

BFSAR Header

Magic number"FSAR"
String block pointer (STRG)0x2000
Info block pointer (INFO)0x2001
File block pointer (FILE)0x2002

String Block (STRG)

The string block contains a string table and a search tree that's used to look up files by name. The search tree is similar to the search tree found in BFRES files.
0x0 - 0x8Block header
0x8 - 0x10Offset to string table (0x2400)
0x10 - 0x18Offset to search tree (0x2401)

String Table

0x0 - 0x4String count
0x4 - 0x4 + count * 0xCString pointers

String Pointer

Offsets are relative to the start of the string table.
0x0 - 0x8Offset structure (id = 0x1F01)
0x8 - 0xCLength of string, including a null terminator

Search Tree

This is a patricia tree, similar to the binary search tree in BFRES files.
0x0 - 0x4Index of root node
0x4 - 0x8Amount of tree nodes

Tree Nodes

0x0 - 0x2A flag that's 1 if this is a leaf node
0x2 - 0x4Search value, basically the bit index from the left
0x4 - 0x8Left index, go here when the bit is 0
0x8 - 0xCRight index, go here when the bit is 1
0xC - 0x10String table index
0x10 - 0x14Item id

Info Block (INFO)

0x0 - 0x8Block header
0x8 - 0x10Offset to sound info reference table (0x2100)
0x10 - 0x18Offset to sound group info reference table (0x2104)
0x18 - 0x20Offset to bank info reference table (0x2101)
0x20 - 0x28Offset to wave archive info reference table (0x2103)
0x28 - 0x30Offset to group info reference table (0x2105)
0x30 - 0x38Offset to player info reference table (0x2102)
0x38 - 0x40Offset to file info reference table (0x2106)
0x40 - 0x48Offset to sound archive player info (0x220B)

Info Reference Table

Offsets are relative to start of info reference table.
0x0 - 0x4Count
0x4 - 0x4 + count * 8Offset structures:
Sound info: 0x2200
Sound group info: 0x2204
Bank info: 0x2206
Wave archive: 0x2207
Group info: 0x2208
Player info: 0x2209
File info: 0x220A

Offsets are relative to the start of the info structure. Depending on the flags, there may be more values behind the structures documented here. The optional fields are always 4 bytes long.

Sound Info

"actor player id" is unrelated to the player files in the bfsar.
0x0 - 0x4Index of FSTM, FWSD or FSEQ file in the file table
0x4 - 0x8Player info table index
0x8Initial volume
0x9Remote filter
0xA - 0xCPadding
0xC - 0x14Offset to stream (STRM; 0x2201), wave (WSD; 0x2202) or sequence (SE; 0x2203) info
0x14 - 0x18Flags
...Flags & 1: String index
...Flags & 2: 0x0000XXYY, XX = pan curve, YY = pan mode
...Flags & 4: 0x0000XXYY, XX = actor player id, YY = player priority
...Flags & 0x100: Offset to 3d info
...Flags & 0x20000: Is front bypass
...Flags & 0x10000000: User param
...Flags & 0x20000000: User param
...Flags & 0x40000000: User param
...Flags & 0x80000000: User param

Sound 3D Info
0x0 - 0x4Flags
0x4 - 0x8Unknown, float

Stream Sound Info
There can be up to 8 tracks.
0x0 - 0x2Bitmask, I think this defines which tracks are enabled. Only the lower byte is read.
0x2 - 0x4Number of channels (up to 16)
0x4 - 0xCOffset structure to track info table (id=0x0101)

Stream Track Info Table
0x0 - 0x4Count
0x4 - 0x4 + count * 8Offset structures (0x220E)

Stream Track Info
0x4 - 0xCOffset structure to mono/stereo information

Mono/Stereo Information
0x0 - 0x4Number of channels (up to 2)
0x4Unknown byte for channel 1
0x5Unknown byte for channel 2

Wave Sound Info
0x0 - 0x4Wave index in wave archive
0x4 - 0x8Unknown
0x8 - 0xCFlags
0xC - 0x10Flags & 1: 0x0000XXYY, XX = Is release priority fix, YY = Channel priority

Sequence Sound Info
0x0 - 0x8Offset to bank id table
0x8 - 0xCBitmask, I think this one is similar to the bitmask in stream sound info.
0xC - 0x10Flags
0x10 - 0x14Flags & 1: Start offset
0x14 - 0x18Flags & 2: 0x0000XXYY, XX = Is release priority fix, YY = Channel priority

Bank ID Table
0x0 - 0x4Count (up to 4)
0x4 - 0x4 + count * 4Bank item ids

Bank Info

0x0 - 0x4Index of FBNK file in the file table
0x4 - 0xCOffset to wave archive id table
0xC - 0x10Flags
...Flags & 1: String index

Wave Archive ID Table
0x0 - 0x4Count
0x4 - 0x4 + count * 4Wave archive item ids

Wave Archive Info

0x0 - 0x4Index of FWAR file in the file table
0x4Boolean, might be related to individual wave files?
0x5 - 0x8Padding
0x8 - 0xCFlags
...Flags & 1: String index
...Flags & 2: Wave count

Sound Group Info

I couldn't find code that uses the offsets described here, so I can't figure out the size of the structures they're pointing to.
0x0 - 0x4Item id of first sound
0x4 - 0x8Item id of last sound
0x8 - 0x10Offset to something
0x10 - 0x18Offset structure to unknown thing (0x2205)
0x18 - 0x1CFlags
...Flags & 1: String index

Sound Group Unknown Thing
0x0 - 0x14Unknown

Group Info

0x0 - 0x4Index of FGRP file in the file table
0x4 - 0x8Flags
...Flags & 1: String index

Player Info

0x0 - 0x4Playable sound limit
0x4 - 0x8Flags
...Flags & 1: String index
...Flags & 2: Player heap size

File Info

These structures are aligned to 0x4.
0x0 - 0x2File location: 0x220C = internal, 0x220D = external
0x2 - 0x4Padding
0x4 - 0x8Offset to internal file info if internal, or to null-terminated filename string if external

Internal File Info
0x0 - 0x8Offset into FILE block body
0x8 - 0xCFilesize

Sound Archive Player Info

This is used to calculate the required memory size for some classes.
0x0 - 0x2Unknown
0x2 - 0x4Unknown
0x4 - 0x6Unknown
0x6 - 0x8Unknown
0x8 - 0xAUnknown
0xA - 0xCUnknown
0xC - 0xEUnknown
0xE - 0x10Padding in 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 BFSARs; normally 0x100 in 2.2.0 BFSARs

File Block (FILE)

This block contains the actual subfiles.

Wave Sound Files (WSD)

WSD Header

Magic number"FWSD"
Info block pointer (INFO)0x6800

Info Block (INFO)

0x0 - 0x8Block header
0x8 - 0xCUnknown
0xC - 0x10Offset to wave sound data reference table

Wave Sound Data Reference Table

0x0 - 0x4Count
0x4 - 0x4 + count * 8Offsets to wave sound datas (0x4900)

Wave Sound Data

0x0 - 0x4Unknown
0x4 - 0x8Offset to wave sound info
0x8 - 0x14Unknown
0x14 - 0x18Offset to note info reference table

Wave Sound Info

0x0 - 0x4Flags
...Flags & 1: 0x0000XXYY, XX = Surround pan, YY = Pan
...Flags & 2: Pitch (float)
...Flags & 4: 0x00XXYYZZ, XX = Biquad value, YY = Biquad type, ZZ = Low-pass filter frequency
...Flags & 0x100: Offset to weird send-value related thing
...Flags & 0x200: Offset to "AdshrCurve"-related structure

Sequence Sound Files (SE)

SEQ Header

Magic number"FSEQ"
Data block pointer (DATA)0x5000
Label block pointer (LABL)0x5001

Label Block (LABL)

0x0 - 0x4Count
0x4 - 0x4 + count * 8Offsets to label info

Label Info

0x0 - 0x4Unknown
0x4 - 0x8Offset into data block
0x8 - 0xCUnknown
0xC - ...Label name

Bank Files (BANK)

BANK Header

Magic number"FBNK"
Info block pointer (INFO)0x5800

Info Block (INFO)

0x0 - 0x8Offset to wave id table
0x8 - 0x10Offset to instrument reference table

Wave ID Table

0x0 - 0x4Count
0x4 - 0x4 + count * 8Wave ids

Wave ID

0x0 - 0x4Wave archive item id
0x4 - 0x8Wave index in wave archive

Wave Archive Files (WAR)

WAR Header

Magic number"FWAR"
Info block pointer0x6800
File block pointer0x6801

Info Block

0x0 - 0x8Block header
0x8 - 0xCWave file count
0xC - 0xC + count * 12Wave file info

Wave File Info

0x0 - 0x8Offset into file block
0x8 - 0xCFile size

Group Files (GROUP)

When the offset field of the BFSAR file info structure is -1, or when the file info structure is not found in the BFSAR info block, the game tries to find the subfile in the GROUP files.

GROUP Header

Magic number"FGRP"
Info block pointer (INFO)0x7800
File block pointer (FILE)0x7801
InfoEx block pointer (INFX)0x7802

Info Block (INFO)

0x0 - 0x8Block header
0x8 - 0xCGroup item location info count
0xC - 0xC + count * 8Offset structures to group item location info

Group Item Location Info

0x0 - 0x4File id
0x4 - 0x8Unknown
0x8 - 0xCOffset into file block
Posted on 12-19-17, 05:27 pm in BFSAR documentation
NSMBU uses 3D models for enemies.
Posted on 12-19-17, 02:19 am in NSMBU flower garden
IDLE ftw.
Posted on 12-19-17, 02:04 am in Text editors thread
Can you add non in-game items?
So, it's like instead of having to rip a level from a device, you just make it on the computer?
If you want to describe it like that.
Posted on 12-19-17, 02:02 am in PointlessMaker
Oh yeah, I noticed that when I edited the tileset. So when I imported the NSMBU tiles in SMM I stretched them by 2 pixels on each side to make sure they wouldn't get cut in the game.
That's what "adding padding" is.
I found it too bothersome to do by hand so I wrote a script to add padding automatically if I give it a 960x1020 image. (Same as original image (1024x1088) but with padding removed)
Posted on 12-19-17, 02:00 am in NSMBU flower garden (rev. 1 by MasterVermilli0n on 12-19-17, 02:00 am)
If you are willing to make NSMBU theme mods, I can happily publish my tools which can make and remove padding for you.
Posted on 12-18-17, 06:29 am in NSMBU flower garden