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Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!




Your alts have more EXP than you, smh


Too lazy to change it
I fucking remember that moment you asked me to find out that song and I did.

Thanks, it's the best thing you've done to me ^^
Posted on 08-23-18, 05:19 pm in Some Touhou music and remixes (rev. 1 by Jamie on 08-23-18, 05:19 pm)
Might be getting an RPi soon!
Posted on 08-23-18, 05:17 pm in What consoles do you own?
GBA SP (AGS-001), Massive backlog of games, mostly NES and SNES ports on the GB, GBC and GBA

Posted on 08-23-18, 05:17 pm in What's your favorite Nintendo Console?
Athletic just for the music. ^^
Posted on 08-23-18, 05:15 pm in What environment in NSMB1 is your favorite?
I have a real gamecube and a pre-2010 Wii haha x')

Get F-Zero GX, it's like £30 usually but well worth it :)
Posted on 08-23-18, 05:14 pm in Toad Chat
I tried that once a long time ago, was told the design was ugly :/
Posted on 08-05-18, 10:21 am in So I'm starting a community with NY370
I'll speak to Maor about it today. Thanks for getting the server back up btw.
Another thing, I'd like to see the IDs as normal rather than randomised

Bad news: I’ll have to run it myself

Maor can’t do it
We're at WhistGamers.cf (yes I used WP despite SW's mention of security issues but uh, I couldn't find blog software with decent themes updated and I am shit at design soooo)
Posted on 08-03-18, 07:01 am in So I'm starting a community with NY370 (rev. 4 by Jamie on 08-04-18, 09:54 am)
Yeah, that'd work. Also, a few pages (namely a Chat and Contact Us page) would also be cool ^^

I'd suggest getting the forum up before adding the new features, tho
Posted on 08-02-18, 02:21 am in So I'm starting a community with NY370
That'd work! The main features would be categories and user submission ^^
And yeah, I know haha x')
Posted on 08-02-18, 02:18 am in So I'm starting a community with NY370 (rev. 1 by Jamie on 08-02-18, 02:18 am)
I'd like to hear SW's opinion on a better blog software. :P
Posted on 08-02-18, 02:13 am in So I'm starting a community with NY370
It's registered: I'll give you the password in DM (Do not change it though)

For some reason it asks for a phone number and to solve a CAPTCHA when logging in, this is because Twitter is stupid. Just enter an phone number (yours will work since it accepts more than 1 account per number) and solve the CRAPTCHA because I can't
Posted on 08-01-18, 08:59 pm in So I'm starting a community with NY370
Blog and forum potentially will be autoreported in the Twitter account, @WhistGamers. I'll likely setup an rss feed bot for twitter (dlvr.it) that reports the new replies and threads, blog entries handled by WP jetpack

Edit: Fuck. Its giving me the impossible captcha again when i verify the account-.-
Posted on 08-01-18, 08:13 pm in So I'm starting a community with NY370 (rev. 1 by Jamie on 08-01-18, 08:39 pm)
Yeah. Set up an IRC bridge for the server irc.neko-net.org on SSL port 6669, channel #WhistGamers too for the #general channel; I'm oper there already
Posted on 08-01-18, 07:34 pm in So I'm starting a community with NY370
Cool. Hope we get it done soon, I'll alert you of any other bugs or issues I come across.

If you can, set up a hostname pointer to the free domain I specified (make sure www/https is forced, because I've configured the WP install to use www whenever it needed to be specifed), I'll then give you vPanel access to the WP testhost on Byet and then move it to the Document Root of the gaming site.

That way we can at least get something up before the forums get up, and I can publish something (if you want to go even further, upload a clean copy of the board software, create a new DB/user and give me temporary access to setup the board while you're asleep if you get it done)

Another thing: we'll need Steam, PSN and Xbox Live profile fields too on the forums we're running (not this one)
Posted on 08-01-18, 07:23 pm in So I'm starting a community with NY370 (rev. 1 by Jamie on 08-01-18, 07:25 pm)
The quick reply box and forum thread listing needs to be fixed too. So does editing a post since the box is vertically tiny and horizontally hugez

Also, we'll put the forums in a /forums directory and add a blog too powered by WordPress, which is already set up on a free host temporarily - so Friday isn't a big rush.

Not that anyone will read that but oh well, if you want to contribute it'd be nice :)
Posted on 08-01-18, 07:03 pm in So I'm starting a community with NY370 (rev. 1 by Jamie on 08-01-18, 07:03 pm)
Maor has summer school and needs to fix a few bugs in software. We'll wait until Friday for this to be beginning.

Thanks for the feedback so far.
Posted on 08-01-18, 06:15 pm in So I'm starting a community with NY370
what was the problem exactly? lol
Posted on 08-01-18, 02:34 pm in This is normal?
The 3.19.x update is newer than that git repo i linked to, jpmac26 last updated his 4.x revival over a year ago
Posted on 08-01-18, 02:34 pm in Lazy Shell ~ SMRPG editor
It looks like you either screwed up the query or the page rendering.

It always calls 6 empty comment boxes, for some reason
Posted on 08-01-18, 02:19 pm in This is normal?

3.19.x update by Yakibomb
Posted on 08-01-18, 01:45 pm in Lazy Shell ~ SMRPG editor