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Posted on 11-03-18, 11:18 am in The Bowsers inside story Mod discord server,
I've made a mod which replaces Super Mario World with Bowser's Inside Story. Currently, only the castle theme is replaced, but I'll be updating it to include other zones.


Me: Making it
WillyMaker: Wii U import
NightYoshi370: 3DS import

Mod showcase made by Willy Maker

Wii U download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/clrp57s2msvsb90/BIS%20mod.zip?dl=0 (Sorry, file was to big for in-forum download)
Attachment: MW_field_castle_textures.ctpk
256.12 KiB — Downloaded 19 times
Posted on 10-08-18, 02:27 am in M&L BIS Mod, (rev. 5 by Glitchy the SMM main on 10-10-18, 03:25 am)
Project autem (yes I know its spelt wrong) Is a hack of the original SMB,


Worlds 1-4 are complete (level 5-2 & 8-4 are aswell.)

New & updated GFX (see screenshots below)

New story (see story section below)


Add/Replace music


Professor E-gad has called Mario and Luigi to Help him move his ghost lab in Evershade valley to a new location, However while the brothers are moving some boxes, They accidentally activate E-gad's Time machine and are sent to a time when the mushroom kingdom was ruled by Bowsers ancestors, upon arrival to the past One of the nearby castle gaurds capture the machine, In fear of Becoming trapped in the past forever Mario races after the machine, While Luigi tags along.

IPS file must be applied to Super Mario Bros. (JU) (PRG0)
Download version 0.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x57yb0esdpaszrz/Project Autem.ips?dl=0
Download version 0.1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/drb7h2o58htq1au/Project%20Autem%200.1.ips?dl=0


Posted on 10-07-18, 03:19 am in Project autem (rev. 12 by Glitchy the SMM main on 10-17-18, 04:32 am)
we've been making a NSMB2 theme
Posted on 08-25-18, 03:06 pm in requestnsmb2nsmbu3ds NSMB2 Mario Maker Mod Request
So super smash maker has been put on hold, mainly because i want to see the changes smash ultimate makes before i make a mod meant to celebrate smash bros, Any other theme mod I've mentioned has been put on hold,

The new theme is going to be NSMB2 theme, there's a NSMBDS theme so, how about a sequel?

I dont have any screen shots but i will be updating the forums as things go on, so be sure to check back, here for more info,
Posted on 08-11-18, 02:28 pm in Some theme updates,
Hey everyone, in a recent poll i did the overall winner was Super Smash maker,

I'm thinking of creating a team of people who would like to work on it.

There is a discord link, You can ask questions there, most of it is explained already but maybe there's a question that hasn't been answered so please ask there,

Posted on 08-10-18, 01:52 am in Super Smash Maker
Check back here or in the general chat if you're part of the discord for when it starts

Stream info,

Streaming Sonic 3 complete

When? 1:30-2:00

where? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e89_oMXNy5A

Status: started
Posted on 08-01-18, 04:19 pm in Stream strating around 1:30-2:00 today (rev. 2 by Glitchy the SMM main on 08-01-18, 05:25 pm)
Posted on 07-28-18, 04:11 am in warioware gold3ds modding SMB Gold
Hey everyone, been a while since I've done one of these so ill just get strait to the point,

Nes-realistic SMB,: Completed : YES! I KNOW D.T. did a SIMULAR mod, but there are key difference's from his mod and mine,
if anyone would like to help with the mod compile then here is the dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ifizuvvcrnr6d5u/SMM%208bit.png?dl=0

SCP:CB mod, : Cancelled : No one voted for the poll, that implied that no one really cared about this one,

Super Smash Maker : Cancelled : I just kind of let this one fade, it could work but admittedly it would be kind of awkward

Super Mario adventure : Current focus : just a short level series that looks better with this mod,

Well a-diba-diba that's all folks, Please do vote on which theme i should focus on,
Posted on 07-20-18, 12:05 pm in Even more theme update's
but you see, wouldn't it make more sense to use the nes classic palette? the official palette by nintendo

Well technically it is the official pallet,
however the way Daniel made this theme was with what i call a CRT color filter,
that's why if you were playing SMB on say Fceux the colors are different rather then a CRT TV,

(as a side note i made a theme mod that used the actual pallets form the original SMB, though mine didn't add the CRT color effect)
Posted on 07-20-18, 11:06 am in SMB NES Color Scheme Mod
If i were to make a Grayscale theme would you consider it copying your theme?
Posted on 07-09-18, 02:55 pm in smb1wip Monochrome Theme
So, TBH I was going to do a smash mod, but i ended up abandoning it for some quite obvious reasons,

So, I'm working on this new mod, Hopefully I wont end up abandoning this one too,

I really dont have many screen shots right now, i just wanted to announce this so that way me and some one else dont end up making a similar thing like Project SMB vs SMB Colors mod vs My version of it,

Though as always i need help with decisions so please do help vote for which logo looks more like the SCP foundation logo,

Thanks and goodbye,
Door01.jpg — 30.31 KiB, viewed 109 times

scp.png — 23.93 KiB, viewed 82 times
Posted on 06-28-18, 04:00 am in SCP:CB/SL Mod
Well when you say 'Old Graphics' In terms of tile's i got your back,
I even re-did the ghost house and airship Though if you dont want to use those I'm ok

Thanks! I may or may not use this sprite sheet.

Ok, also as an fyi, the theme's use the correct pallets as well
Posted on 06-23-18, 08:50 pm in allwiiubeta 1 Retro Revival
Well when you say 'Old Graphics' In terms of tile's i got your back,
I even re-did the ghost house and airship Though if you dont want to use those I'm ok

Posted on 06-23-18, 07:26 pm in allwiiubeta 1 Retro Revival
Hey everyone, remember %$#Y#$^^ ago when i announced the full 8-bit theme?

well either way, I would like some help compiling it,

Posted on 06-23-18, 05:35 pm in theme mod compile help (rev. 1 by Glitchy the SMM main on 06-24-18, 01:29 am)
Why did you need to make a new thread? You should've just replied to the old one.

I did reply to it but you never got back and one else ever noticed, also this makes it easy to tally the votes
Posted on 06-12-18, 01:40 am in Toad = ?
This is a continuation of my recent post about the rom hack I'm making
this vote is for who will take toad's place

Remember toad is both faster at digging and running compared to everyone else, so keep that in mind when picking,

baby Mario Technically classic Mario, just younger (then again classic Mario is just modern Mario but younger)
Super Show Mario ...Why? I mean it is a separate cannon, I think? but... does anyone even know Super show Mario?
Alphadream RPG Mario some people say the alpha dream rpg's take place in there own cannon and honestly I can see why
Square RPG Mario Like the other RPG Mario it's debateable whether this is separate cannon

One again please tell others so they know to vote.
Posted on 06-12-18, 01:12 am in Toad = ?
Oh yeah, I forgot he even existed. :P

Well, um, make Baby Mario as Luigi, Paper Mario as Peach, and Modern Mario as Toad. Toad only runs fast, and that's something SMO Mario is good at doing.

I've added a position list, have a look:

position list:
SMB2 Rom hack Reason
Mario Moddern Mario Mario is Mario, case closed
Luigi Classic Mario Classic Mario jump's higher then modern Mario, (assuming matpat didn't lie about galaxy and 64 having a shorter jump)
Peach Paper Mario In paper jam paper Mario is given the ability to float (and Luigi isn't WTH?!)
Toad Rpg Mario You would think a Mario made in a game about fighting enemy's would be strong right? (also toad dig's faster in the original)

Other's We could use: Problems:
baby Mario Technically classic Mario,, just younger (then again classic Mario is just modern Mario but younger)
Super Show Mario ...Why? I mean it is a separate cannon, I think? but... does anyone even know Super show Mario?
Super Mario RPG Mario Like the other RPG Mario it's debateable whether this is separate cannon
Posted on 06-12-18, 12:47 am in Rom hack help (rev. 1 by Glitchy the SMM main on 06-12-18, 12:58 am)
Well, luigi could be a good option, but then it wouldn't even out, so I honestly do not know myself.

Well the only other thing I could think of is baby Mario but since toad is where rpg Mario is I dont know how baby Mario would be stronger then modern or classic,
Posted on 06-11-18, 12:28 am in Rom hack help
If its classic, you should use the color pallet from either DK, SMB1 or SMB2. SMW and above have a different outfit.
Also, The RPG Mario is the same Mario as Modern Mario, so I don't see why you would have a different entry.

True, but then what would I use instead?
Posted on 06-11-18, 12:25 am in Rom hack help