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I participate again:

Hard Tubbular: https://mariomods.net/thread/440
Bowser Jr.s Red Coin Adventure: https://mariomods.net/thread/441
Air Deathbattleship: https://mariomods.net/thread/442
Posted on 01-05-18, 08:48 pm in Mario Making Mods Level Design Contest #1!
Short, but defeat all the Bowsers is needed.

Download Wii U: https://smmdb.ddns.net/api/downloadcourse?id=5a314481570fba277367e72a&type=zip
Download 3DS: https://smmdb.ddns.net/api/downloadcourse?id=5a314481570fba277367e72a&type=3ds
Posted on 01-05-18, 08:42 pm in smmdb Air Deathbattleship (rev. 2 by Rufinian on 01-05-18, 09:05 pm)
You need to perform the necessary jumps on Bowser Jr.

Download Wii U: https://smmdb.ddns.net/api/downloadcourse?id=5a494e8d59f6f13baddd07be&type=zip
Download 3DS: https://smmdb.ddns.net/api/downloadcourse?id=5a494e8d59f6f13baddd07be&type=3ds
Posted on 01-05-18, 08:38 pm in smmdb Bowser Jr.s Red Coin Adventure (rev. 1 by Rufinian on 01-05-18, 09:09 pm)
My very first level, not a speedrun but based on a perfect timing.

One clue: 4 right, 1 left.

Download Wii U: https://smmdb.ddns.net/api/downloadcourse?id=5a3144b8570fba277367e72b&type=zip
Download 3DS: https://smmdb.ddns.net/api/downloadcourse?id=5a3144b8570fba277367e72b&type=3ds
Posted on 01-05-18, 08:33 pm in smmdb Hard Tubbular (rev. 1 by Rufinian on 01-05-18, 09:06 pm)
[SMW] [Hard Tubbular] [Super Expert] : Just find the correct pipes
[SMW] [Bowser Jr.s Red Coin Adventure] [Super Expert] : Do the jumps needed
[SMW] [Air Deathbattleship] [Expert] : Kind of (not) hard
Posted on 01-04-18, 05:08 pm in My own SMMDB levels