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Since: 07-25-17
Right now we're just trying to make sprites editable. I'd say we're done with ~%50-%75 of the SMB1 SMAS theme, and (afaik,) we haven't touched SMB3.
Posted on 08-16-17, 11:34 pm in I have a ton of extra SMAS tilesets...
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Since: 07-25-17
This theme is... Well... A volcano! It's slightly more advanced than your average theme since the rock decorations require to be placed in a specific way. I got it as close as I could to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRKjTsdCedE

Images [3DS] (Wii U looks identical except for sprites):
Custom end of level!

Now you see them (in edit mode)...

Now you don't (in-game!)

Bet you didn't know there were spikes there (they're invisible in the editor too D:).

I made some nice new palette icons, too!

Ripped background (nearly from scratch,) from image 1 to image 2!
Image 1 (Start):

Image 2 (Final):

Two different tilesets to choose from!
Tileset 1 (Normal, should fit every level):

Tileset 2 (For pro level designers, meant for levels that use this specific tileset):

PokerFace - Any and all original sprites
VLDC8 composers - In-game music
Custom editor remix - Me
Buntendo - Wii U port
Hüseyin der Mächtige - 3DS music .bcstms

Release 1.0 [3DS]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b08w8obsr9b5mpl/VolcanoSMWTheme.rar?dl=0

-Initial release

Release 2.0 [3DS]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9v1dxdkyavykjed/VolcanoSMWThemeV2.rar?dl=0
Release 2.0 [Wii U]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wj2cq1ml9u3n8fb/VolcanoSMWThemeU.rar?dl=0

-In-game music
-Brighter tiles
-Initial Wii U port release

Release 3.0 Tileset 1 [3DS]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/80xbb64tz8cmh5e/VolcanoSMWTheme3DSType1V3.0.rar?dl=0
Release 3.0 Tileset 2 [3DS]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t7y0f01yg1ui6gi/VolcanoSMWTheme3DSType2V3.0.rar?dl=0

Release 3.0 Tileset 1 [Wii U]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mcl19rglx45svqs/VolcanoSMWThemeUType1V3.0.zip?dl=0
Release 3.0 Tileset 2 [Wii U]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i92mwhgb5wnhkt1/VolcanoSMWThemeUType2V3.0.zip?dl=0

-1:1 music
-(pretty much) 1:1 tileset(s)
-(pretty much) 1:1 background


To do:
-Wii U Sprites (Burner, Spikes, and end goal)

Please report any issues to me so I can fix them, thank you!

EDIT: 2000+ views? You guys are the best <3
Posted on 08-17-17, 03:40 am in 3dssmwwii u Volcano Theme (rev. 17 by Epic_stuff on 02-06-19, 11:09 pm)
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Since: 07-25-17
+TheMaker This theme only replaces the castle theme.
Posted on 08-17-17, 04:58 pm in 3dssmwwii u Volcano Theme (rev. 4 by Epic_stuff on 08-17-17, 05:12 pm)
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Is this almost done?
Posted on 08-18-17, 05:48 pm in 3ds NSMB2 Grassland theme
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The wii u images, were, uh, too large. So I put them in the [im gs] format.

1. Wait you can edit threads...?

2. Thanks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Posted on 08-23-17, 01:56 am in 3dssmwwii u Volcano Theme
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I could create the bfstms too.

Oh, yes please (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
Posted on 08-23-17, 04:06 pm in 3dssmwwii u Volcano Theme
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I can turn the music into .bfstm via brawl box if you want. Do you have the 3DS music? (If you do, I can change it in less than a day)

It should be in the DL, but I can send you the .oggs/.wavs if you'd like.
Posted on 08-24-17, 10:21 pm in 3dssmwwii u Volcano Theme (rev. 1 by Epic_stuff on 08-25-17, 12:17 am)
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3DS please!

Um, here's the image I would like as the background:

And if possible, can you please make the level preview background image? It only takes 5 seconds to re-size the background image.

Posted on 08-30-17, 08:09 pm in smwairship3dscompleted SMW Sunset airship (rev. 1 by Epic_stuff on 08-30-17, 08:13 pm)
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For the Airship theme. The background needs to be re-sized to 512x512, and I'm not sure how much it needs to be shrunk for the level preview image.
Posted on 08-30-17, 08:12 pm in smwairship3dscompleted SMW Sunset airship
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Uh thanks, but I was requesting someone to make the theme for me, not give me the resources :p
Posted on 08-31-17, 02:55 am in smwairship3dscompleted SMW Sunset airship
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Ah, so is this just a background swap?

No problem, I can do that after I extract all the sarcs.

Posted on 09-06-17, 11:14 pm in smwairship3dscompleted SMW Sunset airship
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NSMBX - Newer mod when
Posted on 09-08-17, 06:53 pm in sarcasm Modding scenes in a nutshell
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Since: 07-25-17
Um I updated with boot9strap. Am I safe?
Posted on 09-22-17, 05:53 pm in Attention 3DS users!
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Since: 07-25-17
What'd I miss? I can try to fix it if you'd like.
Posted on 09-29-17, 02:06 am in 3dssmw Beach Theme
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Since: 07-25-17
I'm Epic_stuff, but you can just call me Epic. I like to mod SMM, SMW (soon), and NSMB2. I like SMW the most, so often times my mods will be for that game. I use my 3DS 100x more than my Wii U, so that explains why I plan on initially posting my mods for SMM3DS.
Posted on 10-17-17, 06:10 pm in Introduce yourself!
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Since: 07-25-17
Your favorite SM64 theme, now in SMM! I really wanted to find a way to import this theme to SMW, and here's how I did it. Enjoy!

Images [3DS]:


3DS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4fotz17230xenwt/DireDireDocks3DSSMW.zip?dl=0
Wii U: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ckr9m4qx4ggwrf6/DireDireDocksWiiUSMW.zip?dl=0

Version 2:
[Fixes music not looping]
3DS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwm1jkwgfia35x9/DireDireDocks3DSSMWv2.zip?dl=0

Known bugs:
-Some tiles are/may be transparent. I believe this is due to how paint.NET makes tiles brighter.
-The music may not loop on Wii U. This should not be a problem in the near future.
-The background looks kinda funny. I tried to change the kelp's textures to match the bg, but it didn't work. /shrug
-The Wii U version lacks some things, such as the palette icons and the level preview background.
-Semi-solid platforms have a set texture. I didn't realize it was a bad idea until afterwards.

-I apologize for not uploading any mods recently. I am busy with school and making themes like this take lots of time and effort. I will be back in the swing of things on my next break (which is winter break, I do believe.)
-The music is not mine. I plan on creating my own in-game music in the future.
-Credit to Buntendo for the Wii U port!
Posted on 11-27-17, 12:37 am in smw3ds Dire Dire Docks theme (rev. 11 by NightYoshi370 on 12-01-17, 11:18 pm)
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Since: 07-25-17
What about that volcano theme you made a couple of months ago. Are you able to make a Wii u version of that?

Not yet. I still need some assets before I can say it's done.
Posted on 11-27-17, 01:28 am in smw3ds Dire Dire Docks theme
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May I recommend using a song that is true to 8-bit (Uses maximum 3 noise channels at a time)? The one you linked is not.


This song (aside from the background) is true to 8-bit.

Plus, you can use this version for the editor, and you wouldn't need to worry about syncing the timing!
Posted on 11-29-17, 01:44 am in smb1 volcano (rev. 1 by Epic_stuff on 11-29-17, 01:45 am)
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Since: 07-25-17

Seems doable, Ill mess around with it for a bit!

so far, how good along is it going?
If this is for WiiU, then idk how the process is, else if this is for 3DS, the process is literally copy paste (tileset).
As for the background, SMB1 Castle doesn’t allow backgrounds, but with code edits (byaml edits on 3DS) one can manage to insert one.

so, maybe if you added lava on the background, used the grass theme, and PRETENDED it was real lava... would that work?
Yes, that would work. You can apply a tileset to any game and style, so for example you can use SMB1’s ground over NSMBU’s one

Don't forget, that if you do this idea, there won't be any actual lava in your level!
Posted on 11-29-17, 07:47 pm in smb1 volcano
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Haha, this looks pretty good, though I prefer the 3DS version as it looks more like the SMW tile set it seems. x')
That's why I favor the 3DS version over the Wii U version. The old styles look better on the 3DS.
Posted on 12-01-17, 08:04 am in 3dssmwwii u Volcano Theme