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I’m SuperMarioStar! My skills of SMW hacking most important. Some ideas of Lunar Magic can edit levels with a level design (aesthetics, gimmick, adventure, etc…) Usually call SuperMarioStar or SMS. If you want talk via Discord with DM. See you around!

Current projects:

Super Mario – The Twilight Doom (WIP)

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The hack is out now! Grab the hack and play!
If found a bug or glitch, please report this hack.
Posted on 12-03-18, 11:10 am in released Super Mario - The Twilight Doom
Hey, guys! A new trailer has been released! Enjoy this weekend!

Posted on 12-02-18, 08:39 am in released Super Mario - The Twilight Doom
Hey, ladies and gentlemen! I making a new hack with level design and aesthetics.


Super Mario gets a cake from Peach in Peach’s Castle. Oh no! Bowser’s kidnapped Peach. He’s against Bowser! The four eggs has been stolen by Bowser’s Neon. Hurry up, Super Mario!

Now, let’s show us with screenshots:

In the news, I probably finish World 3 this month and start World 4 coming this December. I will make a trailer coming soon! Stay tuned, guys!

Posted on 11-30-18, 02:03 am in released Super Mario - The Twilight Doom