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I have an improvement for the SMB2 mod coming out and I broke it. If somebody could help to repair it then ill leave a download https://www.dropbox.com/s/twtc3zewdc0vmz1/smb2-but-messier.rar?dl=0

im bad at modding

edit - i fixed the formatting

edit 2 - just ignore that i cant format

edit 3 - it broke and i fixed it i probably just broke it again
Posted on 12-01-19, 11:55 pm in q&a Ask your SMM hacking questions here. (rev. 3 by CaptainGame17 on 12-01-19, 11:57 pm)
Could we have some previews?
Posted on 11-29-19, 07:16 pm in Super Mario Maker 1 x Kirby: Squeak Squad